Friday, August 9, 2013

Cracker less Diwali - Meatless Eid

Diwali the festival of lights may bring joy to humans, but it is an absolute nightmare for pets and animals. Many a times the burst of crackers affect them mentally and some times physically too.

Many NGOs came out with the plan of Cracker less diwali, Safe Diwali. They even conducted campaigns and explained about the after effects of crackers especially on animals.

It is for sure that Animals go through lots of pain during the time of diwali. A small sound of cracker will make them run like head-less chicken and they will search for dugout to stay away from the sound.

On the other hand, there are organizations which talks only about child labour. The fire cracker Manufactures make money by employing young kid for making the crackers.

My serious doubts / Thoughts

  • Where are these social reformers going when it comes to slaughtering of Cows, animals, pets  during the time of Eid
  • Why are they making hell a lot of noise when animals are getting feared because of sound  but keeping quiet when they are being cut into pieces.
  • There are more number of meat outlets in the country than the firecracker manufacturers. Dont they count on child labour.
  • Though risk involved in the child labour in a fire cracker industry is much higher in meat outlet, a child labour is a child labour only.
On the other hand, the crackers are burnt even during other festivals also, but the intensity is less compared to diwali. When people can talk about artificial fireworks, why cant they come up with a food that tastes exactly like meat and distribute to the general public, instead of killing the animals

Please don't get the feeling that i am talking against my Muslim brothers, Its for all the people belong to any  religion who kill the animals and eat the dead remains.

The NGOs and the  social reform organization are more attracted towards "Cute"  "pretty"  animals and forget about the "non-cute" non-pretty" ones. Please remember Cuteness and prettyness is subjective and animals should be not be discriminated based on the looks and appearance.

If NGOs or social reform organization plan to ban crackers, let them ban killing of animals also. 

Hugs and Eid wishes to all my Muslim Brothers & Sisters..

Sriram J. Iyer

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Critics - The NO Brainers....

நெஞ்சு பொருக்குதில்லையே இந்த நிலைகெட்ட மனிதரை நினைத்து விட்டால்

The so called “Music Critics” have started using the word “FILLER” in their reviews. I am not sure how these “so called” Music critics call the kritis of Mumoorthy's as a “Filler”.

Few Findings :

a. Calling Neelayadakshi in paras as filler and sending chits to vocalists to sing Nanda Laala Nonda Laala in the concert.

b. Comparing Maadu Meikkum Kanna & Aadu Meikkum Jesus with Ranganaayakam (Nayaki)

c. Comparing the singer with vidwans of past generation. Its really pathetic to see people comparing the current generation singers with Stalwarts and vidwans. Sometimes belittling the Vidwans.

d. The critic will have not have any “BENCHMARK” while reviewing the concert. A simple example will be “Thodi” could have been better. To add salt to the wound, A less tempo would have been even more better.

e. Giving the song list to the Singer after the concert by saying, “I would have loved it” if only he/she taken “Sri krishnam Bhaja manasa” instead of “Kaddanu Variki”

And still the trend continues.....

நெஞ்சு பொருக்குதில்லையே இந்த நிலைகெட்ட மனிதரை நினைத்து விட்டால்

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mistake Vs Blunder - Sathiyam TV

Was watching Sathiyam TV today morning, An interesting program on the life history of Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar was getting telecasted.

Both the Script writer and the document reader do not have any knowledge on the music and on the language (Tami/Sanskrit).


Shri Nathadi Guruguho in Mayamalavagowla is a master piece by Sri.Muthuswami dikshitar composed on the lord Muruga and the script reader comfortably reading the word "Sri" as " Seeeeri naathadi" and stressing it more on the "eeeee".

Dont know if these people will rehearse before the show  or just air the program just the for the sake of it.

You hear the recording from :  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We all need Subhiksha but not with this!

Thanks to (P.K.Ramakrishnan) for this insight.

Deepavali  In South India the name used for Deepavali is Narakachaturdasi.  Chaturdasi is the fourteenth day of krishnapaksha. This day is dedicated to Naraka. Naraka an asura,  the son of Satyabhama. Satyabhama is said to be an incarnation of Lakshmi or Fortune.

Now let us discuss the mythological aspect of this. Naraka is the Sanskrit word for hell. Hell is another word for misery. When misery is annihilated fortune automatically springs.  Both cannot co-exist.   When Naraka is killed people take bath to get rid of the pollution.  When fortune springs people are happy and partake sweet things and celebrate with row of lighted lamps called Deepavali. This appears to be inner significance of Narakachaturdasi and Deepavali.

Thanks to (P.K.Ramakrishnan) for this insight.

Now thoughts,

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of diwali is the crackers. 
Throughout the city, round the corners you are able to see cracker shops of various brands from “Standard” to “Kuyil”. Somehow, I am fascinated by crackers. It might be because I am not afraid of the sound/noise.

This year the troubled retail chain “Subhiksha” started a பட்டாசுக்கடல் (Sea of Crackers). The advertisement claims the cost of crackers are much lesser than other shops and it also claims that a “40%” flat discount is available in the shop.

I have gone and visited (Visited) one of the shops near Velacherry Railway station. It was a surprise to me that there is no “standard” brand crackers and top of it, you don’t find any GOOD fancy crackers.

Reasons for why a consumer should not get cheated on seeing false advt., boards.

  • You don’t get a Price list. 
  • Brand of crackers is not mentioned
  • There is comparison with other shops
Price Comaprison : it is way too costly comparing with other shops. I am 100% happy with advertisement boards saying “40%” on crackers. Note : Discount not applicable for standard crackers.

A “Standard” brand 1000Wala costs around Rs.375, where as in Subhiksha a xyz-branded costs Rs.440. Invariable all the items are costlier by Rs.20 or more.

Yes I agree that cracker industry got a hit off-late because of child labour problems. In subhiksha’s case, I think they have spent more on the shop area, covers, lights, Generators, advertisement hoardings and increased the cost of the crackers.

Caution: If you are planning to buy from subhiksha, make sure that you compare the prices with other shops and then start off your purchase.

Note :  Yes, I agree that there are people who say "No" to crackers or "Ban" crackers during diwali. It depends on family to family. If you have kids who are crazy about crackers, I dont want  to let them down. Other than New clothes, Sweets, Wishes and  Aasirvathams,  crackers does make the kids remember the diwali in a special way. Yes we have planned something special this Diwali (Fireworks). 

Of-course yes, there are other ways to celebrate diwali. I agree to that.

Wish you all Happy, Safe and colourful diwali.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

AaShai Mugam from Remixed Iyer girls

First listen to this song in Youtube : 

I dont have any complaints about the music, and it doesn't mean that I liked it completely.

This is the first message from the Music Choreographer  “Shankar Tucker” (ST)
To preemptively address any arguments about pronunciation, there are different dialects of Tamil, in which the lyrics can either be pronounced "Ashai Mugam" or "Asai Mugam".
Shankar Tucker

I am really happy that ST knows that he is doing a mistake WANTEDLY and to be on the safer side he has given the two line explanation about the slip (lisp).

ST is no Freaking god to change the dialects or invent a new dialect in tamil. Its completely stupid, if people do not know the language or the way how the words should be pronounced. I am sure that ST is having more of information and less of knowledge which leads to such stupid albums.

The moment I hear the words Ashai Mugam Maranthu pochey, I started thinking about “Collector Durai”. Why would someone think of Robert William Ashe (ஆஷ்) , Was he So Smart ? He is one among the thousands of Britishers responsible for all the ills, poverty and ignorance in india, and finally killed by the great martyr Vanchinathan Iyer.

Is that connection what made the Iyer Girls to sing “Ashai” Mugam.

No, wait wait.. thoughts shifted to Arthur Ashe (ஆஷ்). A  great Tennis player who remains to be the only black  man to win the Wimbledon championship.

I am sure that the Great “Mahakavi bharathi” never in his dreams would have written about Robert william Ashe (ஆஷ்) or Arthur Ashe (ஆஷ்).

To me its a pure act of 

  • Deliberate mispronunciation for laughs 
  • Deliberate cruelness to language
  • Deliberate Lisp


  • A person with No knowledge about language
  • A person who is Physically challenged (Not able to pronounce words correctly)


  • An attempt to defame Mahakavi Bharathi
  • An attempt to defame the language Tamil

  • A Publicity Stunt
  • A Negative Publicity

ST and the singers should refrain from maligning the compositions and concentrate more on singing perfectly than trying these stupid "Re-Mix".

Other Publicity Stunts :

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kids - Parents

Its not enough if you are very soft/kind with your wife/husband alone (Pun Intended). You need to be very kind, soft with your kids. It not only shows your affection to your kid(s) but will also teach them in an in-direct way that the kid should be kind with his friends  relatives.


A very effective approach is sometimes referred to as 'Stop, look and listen'. If your kid needs to speak to you then stop whatever you're doing, look directly at the child and listen to what he or she has to say. Giving your children your attention in this manner sends a strong signal that you are interested in what they have to say and that you value their views, thoughts and opinions. (Thanks to Parenting for Dummies)

It not only helps the kid, but surely will help you when you wanted to say something to your kid,  she/he responds in the same way you did. 

At 30's you might not understand this, when you are in your late 70's and if your kid doesn't listen to you, You dont have to blame anyone other than yourself.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Lord Krishna - Recursion

Gone are the days I used to write programs to test my recursion skills. It ranges from writing a program to print the Fibonacci series to print the contents of the file in reverse order using recursion algorithm.
No more FindFirst, FindNext or No more Variable= DIR You can do all such stuffs with inbuilt API'S not knowing the internals and not knowing how much memory it takes to complete the given operation.

I am sure many would have heard of Narayaneeyam, Many would have Listened to Narayaneeyam and many would have done Narayaneeyam parayanam atleast once in their life time. To others who don't know what is narayaneeyam here is a small one liner.

Narayaneeyam, A complete and condensed version of Srimad Bhagavatham covering Jnana, Bakthi, Karma yogas. The best part of narayaneeyam is that it is nicely and precisely written without omitting any of the important explanations. It was written in 100 days consists of  1034 slokas.

Note / Warning : Now dont ask me what is Srimad Bahagavatham. If you dont know or heard of it Do not read this blog further.

The 10 slokas of Dasakam 46 are all about Balakrishna showing the universe in his mouth to his mother Yasoda. They are the best example of Recursion with no problem of  “Out of memory” or “Too much recursion” or “Recursion out of Stack space”.

In the Slokam 9 of 46th Dasakam, Bhattathiri has written about Bala-Krishna leela. Where the Lord Krishna's mouth reveals the endless revelation of infinite quality.
vikasad bhuvane mukhOdare nanu bhuuyO(a)pi tathaa vidhaananaH 
anayaa sphuTamiikshitO bhavaananavasthaaM jagataaM bataatanOt

She was able to see the whole universe, she saw yet another similar face and open mouth, with the whole universe shining in it; within that yet another mouth, displaying the whole universe .. . . . . . . . . Making her understand that the world is limitless and temporary.....

Hare Krishna!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A - Z by a Critic

Few things in life will never change. One among them is the one liner appreciation / critical view of a music critic on the Mridangam / Ghatam / Khanjeera Maestros/Vidwans/players/artists. This trend is continuing for a long period of time and there has been no improvement or there has be no step taken by the Professional music Critics to learn what to write. Now a days new trend has started, Rasikas started to give their views on the concert. 

The views have become stale, bad, worse, biased, TOTALLY biased and top of it writting without any knowledge. Yes, I am talking about only and nothing else.

The so called Rasikas have started commenting about the artists who have seen generations of musicians and have given lots and lots of concerts, and these so called rasikas giving their opinion on how to sing, what to sing and  even going to the extent of giving suggestions to the vidwans. 

26 One liners - By different "so called" Critics
Accompanied by X and Y on Mridangam and Ghatam.

Both of them did a spelndid job in the thani.

Commendable support in lifting the concert.

Demonstrated his mridangam playing skills along with equally esteemed ghatam player.

Energetic thani by the mridangist was enjoyable.

Fireworks allround and the thani was majestic, with nice support

Gave a good accompaniment especially during main

His left side play was very good this morning. first round of his thani was a bit long and convoluted, but there was probably some intiricate kaNakku I failed to grasp.

Intellectual thani by the accompanists was really enjoyable

Joyous thani followed by a quick thillana and thukkadas was the highlight of the concert.

Kritis were followed aptly by the mridangam player and for the manOdharma portions as well.

Loud and obnoxious, he banged way too much and it was entirely inappropriate

Math oriented tani-avarthanam, with excellent Sarvalaghu. Enjoyed it very much.

Nothing (Can be interpreted in what every way you like ;-) )

Outstanding performance by the percussionists.

Played well, was very able in support.

Quick Tani, and it was well done. There was very good support by the ghatam player.

Really brilliant support and nice rotation from both percussionists.

Sowkyam of the mridangam & ghatam was pleasing to ears, his tani in Adi- 2 kalai was good.

Thoroughly enjoyable tani by percussionists

Undoubtedly, this is best thani I have ever heard in my musical journey.

Vintage style Tani with xxxxx was scintillating and illustrative

Was very good on the mrudangam

Xerotic Thani avarthanam led to boredom. (Couldnt find a word starting with X.. its mine :P)

Young mridangist was vibrant on stage and his tani was really good.

Zestful performance by the Mridangist and Ghatam player.

Few examples by the so called rasika from

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dream/Prime Combination of Carnatic Music - 20th Century TRINITY

Should have posted this blog on the month of september itself, but couldnt do it because of  official work.

This was the status post I made on the month of september in facebook ..
5 + 6 = 11 + 6 = 17, Oh My Dear-o-Dear! September should be proud of itself! We are blessed to live during the time of the Illustrious Thirumalai Nambi Seshagopalan , My beloved Guru  Maestro Guru Kaaraikkudi Mani  and Legend Lalgudi Sri. G. Jayaraman... My sincere Pranams.

And this blog continues from there...

What's so special about the greatest of great musicians (TNS, Lalgudi, KRM)... 

a. To keep it simple, These three musicians are the living legends and can never be compared to ANYOTHER  MUSICIANS OF THE PAST OR THE PRESENT and FUTURE TOO. I think we (I) are all blessed to live during the time of these great carnatic Vidwans.

b. There are 10000s concerts that are floating on the net with famous combination, great combination, good combination, which are good, nice, soothing, and there is nothing called a “PRIME” combination other than TNS-Lalgudi-Manisir's concert. 

c.Prime in the sense, They are inimitable

d.They cannot be compared to others, either being together on the stage or as an individual . One can say, they make an unbeatable Prime combo in the field of Carnatic music.

e.They are the only Virtuous Musicians, Quality Teachers,  Best composers and top of it they are the BEST OF BEST PERFORMERS at any time in the history of carnatic music. A person can be a great teacher or best composer, but will fail miserably when it comes to presenting the same. These giants are best in whatever they do and bring the best out of anything they create in a matchless style.

Number Game ( 5, 11, 17)

a. They are Prime, Can be divided either by themselves or by 1.

b. The difference is six,  Six is the number that differentiate their Birth day, but I feel, that is the number that bring them close to each other. Number six represents the like mindedness and friendliness. Like mindedness in the sense, they just think and live(ing) for music and nothing else.

c. The sum of 5,11,17 comes to 6, which is the smallest Perfect number.

d. 6 is the only number that is both the sum and product of three consecutive numbers ( 1*2*3 or 1+2+3)

e. There are 6 veda angas

f. Mind is our sixth Sense with six powers ( Reason, emotion, thought, awareness, knowledge and intelligence)

The Carnatic music world has seen many many many many musicians in the past, seeing good amount musicians currently and sure will see more and more musicians in the future too, But it can never see musicians like Lalgudi Sri Jayaraman or Madurai Sri T.N. Seshagoplan or Guru kaaraikkudi Mani.

18th and 19th century had seen three Great composers who enriched the carnatic music and 20th and 21st century is proud to have THE Best Composer, Best Musician and Best Teacher and Greatest of Great Peformers in the field of carnatic music. Sri T.N.Seshagopalan, Lalgudi Sri G. Jayaraman and Mani sir forms the “TRINITY” of  Carnatic music for years to come.......

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kanjeera or Frisbee (Flying disc)

What the heck is happening to these guys?

Is this a carnatic music concert dais or play area?  I really don’t understand what this kanjeera player (Sundar Kumar) is doing on stage?

This is not “beeping” cricket ground or a basket ball court… You get your daily bread and butter because of the instrument yet not giving the status and the respect originally deserves.

Again, I am not talking about all the musicians, there are few musicians who are spoiling the culture and tradition and this example is one among them.

Few serious thought comes to my mind ?

a. Why “this” kind of musicians are not performing a classical music in a classical way in western countries ?

b.      Western musicians, never change themselves for us, why the heck do we have to?

c.       Why are these musicians, performing these silly acts only in western countries?

d.      Do these musicians have guts to do the same stupid act in India, in a dais, (if at all accompanying) with Sri Lalgudi or Sri. Seshagopalan or Sri Karaikudi Mani or sri Palghat Raghu ? I am sure he will not try this mindless act with them. You have to/should be perfect when you are with seniors. If you do/say something, you should have the guts to do/say the same thing anywhere and anytime. If not there is some serious problem with the person himself and the act/saying is nothing but false.

e.      I assume that the photo was taken during thani avarthanam. This might be one such instance and there would have been 100s of instances by the same musician might be on the same concert itself. Shame on us.

If at all (IF AT ALL) any stalwarts and greats are doing gimmicks or tricks, they have come a long way and played Lakhs and lakhs  of clear / Perfect / Traditional / neat / conventional / accepted / ideal concerts throughout their life and trying to experiment a bit only on the later/final stages. This guy has just started his career 5-6 years back and this is what he does on stage. This is unacceptable and unpardonable at any time. 

God save such musicians. 

Big size Images :

Samsung Galaxy S – WiFi

Galaxy S I9000

Finally moved to Android Mobile Samsung Galaxy S. Frankly speaking, I didnt do much R&D before buying this Sleek/Weightless/Neat/Perfect Android Mobile (Eclair 2.1 – Upgrades are already released in many parts of the world for Froyo 2.2, but not available in india).

There are few glitches in Android 2.1 and hope it will be rectified with the Froyo update. I am waiting for 2.2 like everyone. Out of few glitches, the most problamatic one is “WiFi”. I dont know how the testing team of Eclair released with this glaring bug.

For me wifi will was working smoothly for a month. I used to get it connected @ home and @ office. The glitch started here, In office I need to connect via Proxy and @ home nothing. There is no profile settings for WiFi connection, I need to manually edit the proxy based on the location I am in. Fine, though its a problem, I got an workaround to get this problem solved. The real problem came after a month. There was frequent disconnection of WiFi @ home. To Keep it Simple, I was not able to browse. Did a Factory Reset, started working fine. In 2 days time, It stopped working. Factory Reset, It started working fine. 2 Days, Its stopped. This time I really wanted to find what the problem is?  Since my office was very close to my home, I shuttled  6 times between office and  home to check the problem. I installed app's one-by-one, Configured step-by-step, All were fine. Just the moment when I configured my office WiFi and set the proxy and when I came back home, the problem started.
Galaxy S I9000

The IP address that got assigned to mobile in office was “10.” series and doesn't get refreshed / cleared when I come back home (“192.” series). This is a major Bug, and I feel samsung will surely take this into account and get the problem solved in the next patch (Froyo 2.2).

One thing is clear, IP is the problem. Made settings such a way that, Marked Use Static IP and assigned the IP Address , gateway, DNS @ home, It worked like charm. Came back to office, I need do the Same thing again, Change IP, Gateway, DNS,..... and top of it, I need to set proxy... Now its working @ office too..

Problems :
a. I need to change all these settings when ever I hooked on to a network.
b. I need to set the proxy if its available/Not available.
c. I need to keep tampering with my WiFi Settings.
d. I need to keep searching for the Static IP Address each and every time if I get hooked to an unknown WiFi.

Now the problem is solved, but changing settings is a pain in the wrong place.. Searched for a Wifi Profiler. I got “Wifi Static” from Android Market. Oh Man, The problem is 70 solved. Create Wifi Account, “Generate” button does the rest. Automatically picks the IP, DNS and other stuffs. One thing is that you dont get the proxy enabled/disabled for this profiler, I think even these guys failed to realize that proxy is more important in work environment. Now all I need to do is, Just enable/Disable the proxy when ever I enter/leaving office.

Problem : Wifi will give trouble when you connect to more than one network (with or without proxy – To be specific With Proxy)

Resolution : 
a. Always Keep Static IP address. Give the Necessary details, like IP, Gateway,DNS.
b. Install WiFi Profiler (WiFi Static or some other Equivalent)

Btw, You cannot get into market or do any operation that is related to Internet from mobile Applications like Gtalk,Gmail,Y!, Market, …...... other than the browser when connected over PROXY. Hope this bug will be rectified in Android2.2.  

The cost of the mobile is slightly on the higher end, but it has everything to beat other iPhone's that is floating in the market.

Fingers Crossed, Already a month delayed on  Froyo's Update. Waiting to Root the phone to get its Juice...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mother as is God

Months back, i wrote about Mother's day. I have got some brickbats and good number of boquets. You can have a look at the Mothers' day post in

Our mother really sacrifices a lot for us to show us the beauty of this world. I always love my mother no matter what. There is always a situation where a mother scolds or getting angry on her children. Its not because she hates them. Its because she wants her kid to be perfect in all cases and wants the best of us. Every one of us were in our mother's womb for 9 months. I am sure that there is no doubt in this. :-)

If (Read the clause if) she hates me, I would still love her unconditionally. She owns my life. She had fed me from her womb to till now for me to live in this world.

Listen to this 20mins explanation by Brahmasri. Sri Sundarkumar on Mathru panchakam by Adi Sankara Bhagavatpadal.

I am sure even a “Mother hater” will change his mind.

In simple words, Mother's love is like (EXACTLY SAME) as God's love. Please understand one thing, its not that we are so loveable that our mother is loving us second-by-second. Its her nature and nothing else. No one in this world can hate their mother, All we should do is do our duty promptly..

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eat @ home....

Few thoughts. Many people will not agree with me, But what the heck.

1. Try to have food by sitting on the floor. To be harsh, Dont eat while sitting on the bed, where you spent the whole night sleeping.

2. It also means, that you should not walk or stand while having meals.

3. Can't you have a plate for yours, instead of eating in a common plate. To be precise, eat in your own plates.

4. Do not attend, "buffet" meal, NOR THROW a party.
(btw, There are very good Scientific Explanations for all these.)

5. First and foremoest whatever we eat should be offered to the god as ' Naivedyam' then only we can/should offer it to guests and finally we should eat. I am not sure how many of us remember what is 'Naivedyam'.

6. While on tour, Always try atleast to have meals
    a. Only with like minded people
    b. Only with at minded people's house
    c. Only in canteen run by like minded people
    To be precise : Eat Only in places where you are comfortable performing your nithya karma (Nithya vidhi).

Ok, Why all of a sudden this post. Fine, If not @ early 30's then when is my question. Why do we need to eat @ hotels, when we have nice people @home to cook and serve us nice and clean food.

I stopped going to 3* hotels or 5* hotels or TopStar “Veg & Non-Veg” Hotel. Its just that their vegetarian is not “Pure” Vegetarian.

On tour, Its really tough to find a clean/neat/good “Only Veg” restaurant in all parts of the places, but it easy to find such places if you are inclined to eat only in such “Good/Pure Veg” Hotels.

I hope my last and final “Buffet” is already over (Official Annual Meet).

Thursday, June 10, 2010


P.S : I am not commenting about all the musicians, “THERE ARE FEW MUSICIANS” who are contaminating this divine field with such sinful act. It will not even take two seconds for me to write the name of the musician on this blog, I am not doing it because he has been already expelled from an organization and I don’t want him to be out of the music field too.


I am sure many of us know what is Arangetram? In simple words it is Debut on-stage performance of a student. There will be always a high-level of enthusiasm with the parents of the boy/girl when the dates of arangetram getting nearer.
Generally a mridangam arangetram will be divided into 3 parts.

Part 1 : Pre thani avarthanam
Part 2 : Speech by guests (Yeah! Few Hypocrites, Read it carefully not all are hypocrites)
Part 3 : Post Thaniavarthanam

I was really shocked to hear the speech by one of the “famous” mridangam artiste in one of the mridanga arangetram held recently.  The speech could have been better and it was just like his playing. I always used to think there is a huge difference between “famous” and “best” artist and this famous artiste was self-portraying on the stage rather talking about the performance of the kid.

Few questions came to my mind.
  1. Who wants to know if he has cancelled all his concerts and came only for the arangetram?
  2.  Who wants to know if he has “NOT” taken money to give a speech for arangetram?
  3.  Who wants to know if he is running a Magazine?
Many might feel that these things do not matter if they are said on stage. Yes! Yes! Yes! Hold on Please! I too agree this, IF AND ONLY IF they are true.

a. Coming to the speech, Sure he would have got concerts on the arangetram day, but sure he wouldn’t have got the money on par with the arangetram speech. Then why such a hypocritical talk saying “I came only for the arangetram by cancelling all concerts”…. And the talk continued like this… “Concerts may come any day.. But arangetram will not come all the time”. I really don’t understand his mindset.  The talk was very very phoney,.

b. The most shocking thing he said was “I am not here in as a cheif guest for money!”.. 
  •  I am not saying its wrong to give money
  •  It’s the duty of the parents to honor the chief guest to the maximum extent. 
  • The musicians should be treated with highest amount of respect”.
On the other hand,
  • The musicians should not talk rubbish on stage.
  • Should not talk whatever comes to mind, when he has a mic before him.
  • Should NOT talk as if he is a Buddha and others are terrorists.
  • Do not Self-Portrait. It looks really childish!
He knows to himself how much money he has got for the arangetram, yet on stage with no fear, no self-respect he was saying “I didn’t come to this arangetram for money” , that too in front of the audience, Parents, Kid. The fact is everyone knows that he is honoured. Why this double standards? 

He even went to the extent of saying "who ever writes bad about me  i dont care". Even i am running a magazine, i will write in that. I dont know for what context he has said that. To my knowledge he is not running a magazine. He might be thinking  "Thinnai peechu - Vetti kathai" as magazine.. God only knows.

Are such musicians needed in the field of divine music?  Only time will give the answer.

P.S : I am not commenting about all the musicians, “THERE ARE FEW MUSICIANS” who are contaminating this divine field with such sinful act. It will not even take two seconds for me to write the name of the musician on this blog, I am not doing it because he has been already expelled from an organization and I don’t want him to be out of the music field too.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why Mother's Day?

Morning 6.00 am, Mobile started getting flooded with SMS’s like
1. Want to give a unique gift to your mom.. call xxxxxxx.
2. Want to honour your mother on a special day SMS xxxxx.
3 .Show your love for your mother… call xxxxxx

Bull shit, I was literally annoyed with such kind of advertisements. I do not understand what so special on this Mother’s day to show ones love / respect to their mother. Don’t we show it daily? Or only on this day you think about your beloved mom!

Now don’t tell, ON THIS MOTHER’S DAY One should treat their mother with special love, special care, special respect, treating special and keeping extremely happy.  If you are going to show special love to your mother, it should be on all days. If you are going to show very special love, it should be on every hour. Then why do we need a stupid day to show the “so called” love. 

If some don’t think of their mother every moment of life or someone thinks that mother’s day is so special and rest of the days is not so-special then those creatures are not fit to live on earth. They don’t deserve a place in this world.

Leave alone mother’s day, the list is way too huge starting from
a. Girl Child Day
b. Women’s Day
c. Father’s Day
d. Population day
e. Doctors Day
f.    ……
z. Parents Day

If this is going to continue we will surely land up with the brother’s day, sister’s day, your day, my day, cousin’s day, Second cousins third brother day and so on. I am not sure if all these are already there and started by an in-sane idiot.

Either if you show your love or not, the love and blessings of a mother will never gets changed or deteriorated to her children. It will be same and it will be much more than what you show on her. Then, why the hell do we need to have something like mother’s day, women’s day and Girl child day.
1. Are we discriminating them?
2. Are we trying to tell that they need special attention and care?
3. Are we trying to pacify them by showing our love for just ONE DAY either by SMS, message, letter or mail?
Whatever we do, it can never be equaled.

Thought: One in-sane idiot from some stupid country would have started this special day. Could be for the following reasons
a. Was not living with his mother (reasons unknown)
b. Was away from mother because he was not liking family environment at early age
c. Wanted to live with friends and partners

And so on… the list can never be completed. One fine day at the bottom of the heart, he would have got sympathy on her mom and would have started this Stupid day-syndrome. If someone not living with his/her mother let him/her worry throughout the life for not being with his/her mother, rather showing the phony love on one particular day.

Few things everyone should know and understand,
a. Woman is a Karmayogi.
b. Human life purpose gets fulfilled only by woman
c. Women are equally revered to men. If you want to know more about this please read the stories of Damayanti,  
d. Woman maintains the family and spiritual affairs strengthens only because of her.
e. Woman Sacrifice her individual pleasures and serves the family.
f.  She is the one who grooms her children.
g. The house may be build with stones, rocks and wood but the real house is the woman who maintains the customs, traditions with vigilance. 

And you guys/girls are showing your love and respect on a ONE particular day. Huh! Please if you are not able to show your love, Please don’t hurt your mother.

The Great Adi Sankara Bhagavatpadal  in his Mathru Panchakam said
a. Dhatree  - One who bears the child
b. Janani - one who gives birth to the child
c. Ambaa - One who nourishes the limbs of the child
d. Veerasu - One who makes him a hero
e. Shusroo - One who takes care of him

He express to his mother and points out how his conscience is pricking him for being not able to do the duty of a son. When the great shankara cries like this, what can we do? All we should do is just be with our mother till the end of our life time and keep her happy each and every second of our life time.

/*Amma, in my life time you might have got hurt so many times because of me 
I have commented out this line, Its should not be might, It should be "HAVE"
Thanks to Sridhar (Thambeeee)
Amma in my life time you have got hurt so many times because of me
(Sriram), In-spite of that you still treating me with utmost love and care. All I can say is “Amma, You are so so so so special, and you don’t have a substitute”You are an embodiment of Sri Devi.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pizza Corner – Pizza Conner

Ordered Pizza from one of the famous pizza outlets in india. “Pizza Corner”. Since my place is close to one of the outlets (Pizza Corner Velachery), I always get the stuff delivered from that outlet. One of the worst promises that will be made by the “Phone order taking girls/Guys” will be “Your pizza will be delivered with in XX minutes”. Till now I have never got the pizzas on time and I dont want them to hurry too. The way these guys drive the Scooters makes lives miserable for pedestrians. If they are in a real hurry, The public on the road will get affected or this guy will skid from the vehicle and sustain serious injury. Many of these guys are not wearing the helmets too. Moreover, I don't want to “EAT” free. Considering the traffic let them take a grace time of 15 to 20 minutes. 

I know many people who waits for the “extra few minutes” to pass and then get the pizzas for free. Don't know what the mind set of the people is?. Always eat free...Huh! nice family! Nice culture!! On the other hand, sometimes the delivery boys come to deliver after 2hours of time. It has happened to myself and there may be many such “un”successful stories.

Fine, they can say “better late than never”, but what about the order. If you see the image you will understand what I am coming to. The whole extra toppings got glued on to the top of the box. All I got was a Pizza Base. This has already happened once and I complained to the manager of Pizza corner velacherry (Pizza corner velachery). Pizza corner's manager was so nice, he went to extent of replacing the order. In that case I have to wait for one more hour without eating. I left it off. Today again the same thing happened, extra cheese got stuck on the top of the box. I was so damn hungry I cant even shout at the guy. If I complain what will be result? The Pizza Corner manager will be friendly, nice and will ask me to wait for another hour for replacing the same.
A Delicious food will not be delicious unless it is served clean and neat. Leave alone the pizza box, Just have a look the  cover of seasoning and mouth freshener. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!. The covers are not properly sealed. I am sure the cover is sealed with an age old technique of showing the open end to the candle flame. It does not look nice. Infact it looks UGLY. Even in the road side groundnut shop they seal the cover neatly and its done with an electrical machine. Cant the Pizza Corner use the small size zipper bag for this or use a machine to seal the cover.

On top of it, we spent around Rs.600.00 for such a nasty service. Where is value for money? What happens to the promise he made last time? and WHAT is the value of my money?  In the previous instance, Pizza corner's manager said in a very nice tone “Sir! From next time this will not happen Sir! I will surely take care sir! Don't worry Sir!” (in a typical tamilian accent). Please note, I am not degrading any tamilians here! Don't read this sentence alone and starting questioning me :-)

I am sure these guys will not heed to customers voices. Decided! No more Pizzas from any outlets of Pizza Corner and moreover No more references to my friends too. There are lots of better pizza outlets in chennai who can do a great door delivery.

If this is the state of Pizza Corner sure it will be cornered.

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