Sunday, May 9, 2010

Why Mother's Day?

Morning 6.00 am, Mobile started getting flooded with SMS’s like
1. Want to give a unique gift to your mom.. call xxxxxxx.
2. Want to honour your mother on a special day SMS xxxxx.
3 .Show your love for your mother… call xxxxxx

Bull shit, I was literally annoyed with such kind of advertisements. I do not understand what so special on this Mother’s day to show ones love / respect to their mother. Don’t we show it daily? Or only on this day you think about your beloved mom!

Now don’t tell, ON THIS MOTHER’S DAY One should treat their mother with special love, special care, special respect, treating special and keeping extremely happy.  If you are going to show special love to your mother, it should be on all days. If you are going to show very special love, it should be on every hour. Then why do we need a stupid day to show the “so called” love. 

If some don’t think of their mother every moment of life or someone thinks that mother’s day is so special and rest of the days is not so-special then those creatures are not fit to live on earth. They don’t deserve a place in this world.

Leave alone mother’s day, the list is way too huge starting from
a. Girl Child Day
b. Women’s Day
c. Father’s Day
d. Population day
e. Doctors Day
f.    ……
z. Parents Day

If this is going to continue we will surely land up with the brother’s day, sister’s day, your day, my day, cousin’s day, Second cousins third brother day and so on. I am not sure if all these are already there and started by an in-sane idiot.

Either if you show your love or not, the love and blessings of a mother will never gets changed or deteriorated to her children. It will be same and it will be much more than what you show on her. Then, why the hell do we need to have something like mother’s day, women’s day and Girl child day.
1. Are we discriminating them?
2. Are we trying to tell that they need special attention and care?
3. Are we trying to pacify them by showing our love for just ONE DAY either by SMS, message, letter or mail?
Whatever we do, it can never be equaled.

Thought: One in-sane idiot from some stupid country would have started this special day. Could be for the following reasons
a. Was not living with his mother (reasons unknown)
b. Was away from mother because he was not liking family environment at early age
c. Wanted to live with friends and partners

And so on… the list can never be completed. One fine day at the bottom of the heart, he would have got sympathy on her mom and would have started this Stupid day-syndrome. If someone not living with his/her mother let him/her worry throughout the life for not being with his/her mother, rather showing the phony love on one particular day.

Few things everyone should know and understand,
a. Woman is a Karmayogi.
b. Human life purpose gets fulfilled only by woman
c. Women are equally revered to men. If you want to know more about this please read the stories of Damayanti,  
d. Woman maintains the family and spiritual affairs strengthens only because of her.
e. Woman Sacrifice her individual pleasures and serves the family.
f.  She is the one who grooms her children.
g. The house may be build with stones, rocks and wood but the real house is the woman who maintains the customs, traditions with vigilance. 

And you guys/girls are showing your love and respect on a ONE particular day. Huh! Please if you are not able to show your love, Please don’t hurt your mother.

The Great Adi Sankara Bhagavatpadal  in his Mathru Panchakam said
a. Dhatree  - One who bears the child
b. Janani - one who gives birth to the child
c. Ambaa - One who nourishes the limbs of the child
d. Veerasu - One who makes him a hero
e. Shusroo - One who takes care of him

He express to his mother and points out how his conscience is pricking him for being not able to do the duty of a son. When the great shankara cries like this, what can we do? All we should do is just be with our mother till the end of our life time and keep her happy each and every second of our life time.

/*Amma, in my life time you might have got hurt so many times because of me 
I have commented out this line, Its should not be might, It should be "HAVE"
Thanks to Sridhar (Thambeeee)
Amma in my life time you have got hurt so many times because of me
(Sriram), In-spite of that you still treating me with utmost love and care. All I can say is “Amma, You are so so so so special, and you don’t have a substitute”You are an embodiment of Sri Devi.


  1. Well said, my friend; I endorse yr comments fully; I did say all this in late 1980s when I was in USA; penned letters to Editor too; True
    our culture, Matha is Supreme Number ONE in our Life and everyday is indeed SPECIAL day in her HONOUR; this WESTERN concept imported is most uncalled for; pray better sense prevails; Om Shanthi, Best wishes,
    N Vaithu

  2. Sriram, How many days do we Namaskaram our mother in an year? Deepavali, pongal.. sorry i couldn't count any more.. Why are we doing it on only those specific days? Does it mean we dont have respect for her on other days of the year or does it mean your respect on that day is phony or do you want to hurt her that day(applying your logic).. Further just because of mothers day you (or just because of the hatred of that day) you apologized and showed of your respect/love for her.. May be this day made you reflect on yourself.. Unconsciously you have liven up to the spirit of the day and have supported its cause and need.. If this day is gonna make more sons/daughters to reflect on themselves, i would call this day is worth it and the person who created is sane and country off course is not stupid.. Reflection/identifying one self among everything in world is the core concept of our beleif. On this day atleast if one is able to identify the god in mother, we are getting one step closer to the god..

    note: i enjoyed the blog because i too was able to look at my past and i too felt the same last 4 lines of this blog except for Its not "I might have hurt her..", it is just " i have hurt her.."


  3. You didnt understand my point, the thing is, WE SHOULD DO Namaskaram Daily, and we are not doing it.

    We have been taught to do Daily namaskarams to our appa amma in our younger age. I dont know if you remember, We used to Do daily namaskarams to our parents after madhyanikam (Before going to school).

    The only mistake was, Should have written the blog the next day and not on the same day, then you wouldnt have said the spirit of the day made me express my feelings towards the Mother's Day.

    I agree with the last line, and i will change it, cos it looks apt.

    Thanks for the open comments da! :-)

  4. I purposely skipped to answer to your FIRST line, cos its a good/basic qn. Namaskarams on Deepvali, Pongal......I just came home rushing ONLY to verify it. Same question was asked to Mahaperiyavaa and he has given a 3 page answer, why we have special days for god.

    In a subtle way, he has said Haranukku spl days undu, Naranukku kedayathu. Naranukku Karama Mattum thaan mukyam!

    will scan it and send it! that will give the answer. So lets not compare Pongal, diwali with Mother's Day please...

    Moreover, I am not telling about Mother's day alone, Its all about all days too.

    have a great day.

  5. If all decide to care their mother with love and compassion and concern where is the need for many Old Age Homes with pranams to mother

  6. Well Sriram. You are absolutely right. we should give pranams to our parents daily. we used to do it. But when it stopped? why? Don't know..... Let this blog and mail be a reason for restarting the same.........

  7. Dear Sriram, I am sorry, I went through the contents today only. Its very good and deserves appreciation from heart. Blessed are they, who happen to live with their own mother. what else to say ?

    rajasekaran iyer


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