Monday, August 10, 2009

Films Galore

It seems that 21 new films have been released on the month of july.

The sad state is that only 5 out of the 21 films have ran for more than a week.

The even more saddest part is some of my friends have watched all the 21 movies within a span of one month!

Few Thoughts comes to my mind

a. Do they have so much money to spend during the recession time ?
b. Do they have so much time to watch 21 movies with in a month ?
c. Do they plan their work so diligently that they can spend time for the stupid movies?
d. Am i planning my work so badly that i dont get time to watch one movie ? ;-)

Btw, 21 movies in a months time. Thats shows the strength of Kollywood industry!

Insult on Physical disability

Few days back, while watching one of sickest 'Tamil comedy' channel, Few guys were making mockery of people who are blind.

Some Cranky guy acted as if he is blind and sought help from a passer near by. Not knowing the trap he helped the person to cross the road, finally landed in to trouble.

Though it looks comical, this should not be encoraged at all. I am sure many will start thinking the real "physically challenged" persons as spoof because of such stipid acts.

On the other hand, If only the actors have some one closely associated with them are physically challenged, will they ever try to do it?

It is not enough to punish who insult physically challenged people, speaking to them with disrespect or calling them by names, but also LAW should be enforced such a way that makng mockery of physically challenged people should be banned and these kind of programs are completely banned.

Guys, Laugh at something you do, Please do not laugh at something other people cannot do.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Act of selfishness

It was a normal day, I take my regular route from my house to main raod to reach my office. I find lot of confusion over the first-cross street of vijaynagar. It seems that the road is blocked and made One-Way. I do not find any reason to make that road one way. Two policemen were standing on the corner of the road, blocking the road with a Barricade and a big container, asking us to take the main road route instead of going through our regular one.

It is because the road gets conjusted near the sutherland and near the vijaynagar terminus, people use to come through vijay-nagar colony to reach main road. There is nothing wrong in that, as long as there are enough speed-breakers are set in place to prevent casualities. Now, his road has become conjusted he has shown his power by making the road one way.More over only one (his) road was made oneway and rest are open to the public. I was wondering, What the heck !!!!!

What is the motive behind this ? Deeply analysing, I concluded the following things.

a. Person holding the higher-post on Vijaynagar welfare association is residing in that street.
b. He doesnt want traffic to block his road.
c. He cares so much about his health. (Sound & Air Pollution it seems)
d. He can make sure that his road is always calm and clean.

This is pure act of selfishness. Infact, I have asked two of the policemen about the changes. At first he was reluctant to give any answer and finally he opened his mouth. These things happen because of pressure from the Vijaynagar association members(few people). He also commented that, there is no use in blocking this road, and we (policemen) are standing throughout the day and acting like a route map. I really pity these policemen. I am sure because of these association top-members, the curse of so many people falls only on the policemen. :-(

Moreover, if we need to reach the main road, We need to divert through the vijaynagar cross streets which is 300mtrs extra compared to the normal route. Which really counts to a criminal expense of Rs.100 per year for petrol for per person.

I really dont understand what these people achieve by doing such silly acts. Are they showing their power? Or are they proving that all top officials does this for selfishness.

God Save them and save us from these selfish people.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thoughts through Blog - Blought

Straight forward definition: Reason for doing something. In daily life, everyone of use this sentence “what I thought was” ?huh! It is such a generic sentence that people can fill anything and everything.

On reading this post, every one of you will think something and will reflect on you behavior at least for a fraction of a moment. It might range from posting a comment for this post to bookmarking this page to find out what the heck I am going to write…. ;-)

The blog will be all about “Blought (s)”. Now what the @#$@ is that. It is just that, thought through this blog becomes blought! If I make you think stupid about this word. I would like you to go through this website to think even more stupid.

The blought will be on my personal thoughts to others thoughts about thoughts. :p

Happy bloking ;-)
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