Monday, August 10, 2009

Films Galore

It seems that 21 new films have been released on the month of july.

The sad state is that only 5 out of the 21 films have ran for more than a week.

The even more saddest part is some of my friends have watched all the 21 movies within a span of one month!

Few Thoughts comes to my mind

a. Do they have so much money to spend during the recession time ?
b. Do they have so much time to watch 21 movies with in a month ?
c. Do they plan their work so diligently that they can spend time for the stupid movies?
d. Am i planning my work so badly that i dont get time to watch one movie ? ;-)

Btw, 21 movies in a months time. Thats shows the strength of Kollywood industry!

1 comment:

  1. Even I dont get to watch a single movie .
    However, I know some people from work who manage to watch 3/4 per week ... that too in PVR GOLD in bang.


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