Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kids - Parents

Its not enough if you are very soft/kind with your wife/husband alone (Pun Intended). You need to be very kind, soft with your kids. It not only shows your affection to your kid(s) but will also teach them in an in-direct way that the kid should be kind with his friends  relatives.


A very effective approach is sometimes referred to as 'Stop, look and listen'. If your kid needs to speak to you then stop whatever you're doing, look directly at the child and listen to what he or she has to say. Giving your children your attention in this manner sends a strong signal that you are interested in what they have to say and that you value their views, thoughts and opinions. (Thanks to Parenting for Dummies)

It not only helps the kid, but surely will help you when you wanted to say something to your kid,  she/he responds in the same way you did. 

At 30's you might not understand this, when you are in your late 70's and if your kid doesn't listen to you, You dont have to blame anyone other than yourself.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Lord Krishna - Recursion

Gone are the days I used to write programs to test my recursion skills. It ranges from writing a program to print the Fibonacci series to print the contents of the file in reverse order using recursion algorithm.
No more FindFirst, FindNext or No more Variable= DIR You can do all such stuffs with inbuilt API'S not knowing the internals and not knowing how much memory it takes to complete the given operation.

I am sure many would have heard of Narayaneeyam, Many would have Listened to Narayaneeyam and many would have done Narayaneeyam parayanam atleast once in their life time. To others who don't know what is narayaneeyam here is a small one liner.

Narayaneeyam, A complete and condensed version of Srimad Bhagavatham covering Jnana, Bakthi, Karma yogas. The best part of narayaneeyam is that it is nicely and precisely written without omitting any of the important explanations. It was written in 100 days consists of  1034 slokas.

Note / Warning : Now dont ask me what is Srimad Bahagavatham. If you dont know or heard of it Do not read this blog further.

The 10 slokas of Dasakam 46 are all about Balakrishna showing the universe in his mouth to his mother Yasoda. They are the best example of Recursion with no problem of  “Out of memory” or “Too much recursion” or “Recursion out of Stack space”.

In the Slokam 9 of 46th Dasakam, Bhattathiri has written about Bala-Krishna leela. Where the Lord Krishna's mouth reveals the endless revelation of infinite quality.
vikasad bhuvane mukhOdare nanu bhuuyO(a)pi tathaa vidhaananaH 
anayaa sphuTamiikshitO bhavaananavasthaaM jagataaM bataatanOt

She was able to see the whole universe, she saw yet another similar face and open mouth, with the whole universe shining in it; within that yet another mouth, displaying the whole universe .. . . . . . . . . Making her understand that the world is limitless and temporary.....

Hare Krishna!
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