Friday, August 9, 2013

Cracker less Diwali - Meatless Eid

Diwali the festival of lights may bring joy to humans, but it is an absolute nightmare for pets and animals. Many a times the burst of crackers affect them mentally and some times physically too.

Many NGOs came out with the plan of Cracker less diwali, Safe Diwali. They even conducted campaigns and explained about the after effects of crackers especially on animals.

It is for sure that Animals go through lots of pain during the time of diwali. A small sound of cracker will make them run like head-less chicken and they will search for dugout to stay away from the sound.

On the other hand, there are organizations which talks only about child labour. The fire cracker Manufactures make money by employing young kid for making the crackers.

My serious doubts / Thoughts

  • Where are these social reformers going when it comes to slaughtering of Cows, animals, pets  during the time of Eid
  • Why are they making hell a lot of noise when animals are getting feared because of sound  but keeping quiet when they are being cut into pieces.
  • There are more number of meat outlets in the country than the firecracker manufacturers. Dont they count on child labour.
  • Though risk involved in the child labour in a fire cracker industry is much higher in meat outlet, a child labour is a child labour only.
On the other hand, the crackers are burnt even during other festivals also, but the intensity is less compared to diwali. When people can talk about artificial fireworks, why cant they come up with a food that tastes exactly like meat and distribute to the general public, instead of killing the animals

Please don't get the feeling that i am talking against my Muslim brothers, Its for all the people belong to any  religion who kill the animals and eat the dead remains.

The NGOs and the  social reform organization are more attracted towards "Cute"  "pretty"  animals and forget about the "non-cute" non-pretty" ones. Please remember Cuteness and prettyness is subjective and animals should be not be discriminated based on the looks and appearance.

If NGOs or social reform organization plan to ban crackers, let them ban killing of animals also. 

Hugs and Eid wishes to all my Muslim Brothers & Sisters..

Sriram J. Iyer

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