Friday, March 26, 2010

Legal - Pornography

Deaf Tom, Blind Dick and a Dumb Harry in India will know that selling of pornography videos and pictures is against the law. If anyone in India is doing such uncivilized act, he/she can be sentenced to rigorous imprisonment and fine under the Section 292 IPC. It’s a crime to sell the Playing cards where backside is portrayed with obscene naked pictures of men/women in pornographic postures.

We all know that an orthopedic surgeon was arrested under the IPC Section 67 of Information technology act. All he did was making pornographic pictures and selling them over the internet.

Currently the most famous “Terrorist helping” journal is selling pornography in the form of news. Yeah! Who else other than  From this website we can download the complete “CD” of Nithyananda (Read: Profane Cults) with other tamil actresses by paying subscription for the journal. Is this a political journal or pornographic magazine?

Everyone in india knows that Nakkheran is famous for spreading fake news and they write spicy things in the journal to sell the copy and nothing more. It was clearly evident when they released nakkheeran journal with the photo of Velupillay prabhakaran after his death.

These websites will show the true color of Nakkheeran.


On top of it we get to watch free Porno in one of the most famous channel of Tamilnadu, Sun TV. Just to increase the rating the pornography video was telecasted for 3 consecutive days and after that there was no “news” about the issue.

Why the @#$$@^$%& government does not take any action against the “mushy face” a.k.a “Veerapppan’s close associate” a.k.a an editor/publisher of the Tamil magazine Nakkheeran.
Why the Government is not taking any action against the Sun-TV. Oops! I am sorry I should not ask that because “Sun-TV and government” are one and the same, it’s just another business run by the “Nidhi” family.

One thing is for sure, if there is a Web-competition on porno movies surely will top the list.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

S.M.S - Stupid Messaging Service

Technology has improved a lot. One of the most powerful inventions “MOBILE” is used as a Flirt-finder by the uncouth Casanovas.

my cousin got a call from an unknown number. It was a mistake she took the phone and was waiting for the other person to respond. Invariably, there was “no-response” other than a buzz sound. Ya! Its all over. The Casanovas on hearing female started sending stupid “SMS’s“.

Its all because the service providers giving the SMS free of cost or giving huge discounts for the SMS. There should be some rules and regulations for sending / Receiving SMS. It can be either “Cant Send SMS to unknown number” or “Don’t Receive SMS from unknown number”. If these things are enabled, I am sure these Casanovas will concentrate on the life rather than sticking their tongue out and searching for females.

I think the characters and the habits imbibe from the genes. I am sure these Casanovas are not brought up in a good family background. I wish I meet this Casanova soon and get the shit out of him.

I am sure the Casanova would have read this blog, just waiting for comments from him to prove his flirtatious character.

Casanova : Karthik
College : SRM engineering college.
Mobile : 91-95669-55258

One more message from this number, the whole text-messages along with date-time-Text will be handed over the nearest police station with valid complaint.

Cansanova , Have Fun Buddy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Divine Cults - Oops should be Profane Cults

“Swamiji! Swamiji! Swamiji!” … “Bhagavan  Bhagavan Bhagavan” Dont get panic on hearing these words. The current trend of india is just revolving around the swamiji and their “miracles”, either be it a healing course or being a spiritual “self-realiasation” course there are many people who are willing/craving to participate and fall into the trap.  The general public thinks that they can get easy money and easy fame if they fall on the feet of so called “Swamijis”. On the other hand, public doesnt know that they are falling into a “In-bound” maze which doesnt have an exit at all.

These “so called swamiji's” are up with a great business mind and keeping the local politicians happy, and  surviving only with the help of their political background and money power. Innocent people are falling  in trap because of BLIND faith and not knowing the true “color” of the so called gurus.

Its sad to know that these cults calling themselves as “Incarnation of God” sometimes even calling themselves as God. Do they mean that its so easy to see the god just by giving money or doing “sevice” to the guru. I dont want to get in detail on the word “SERVICE” I am leaving it to the imagination of the readers. It is not only that people are getting into the trap of  “Big-Business Swamiyaars” they also fall into the trap of  “Kutti-Kutti-Poli Saamiyaar”. Now a days daily news papers thrive only because of this cults.

Premananda, Shivasankara Baba, Nithyananda, Dwivedi, Trivedi, chaturvedi....... the list is endless. We just know only few people who got caught and there are thousands and thousands of people who are just hiding under the safron coated clothes calling themselves as swamiji. Just by doing some “Magic” these guys are calling themselves as Swamiyaars. They should call themselves as magicians and not as cults. If magicians are god, to me “David blaine” is God of Gods. These cults should undergo a crash course with David blaine before getting into such acts. :-)

Just by reading ramayana, mahabharatha, geetha and quoting phrases from them will not make one a guru. Its all about how one is leading the life. Thousands and thousands of years back valluvan has written this in one single line, If only we try to follow this “every one is god”.

வையத்துள் வாழ்வாங்கு வாழ்பவன் வான்உறையும்
தெய்வத்துள் வைக்கப் படும்

English Translation : He who pursues the householder's life well here on earth will be placed among the Gods there in heaven.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Abhirami Mall – Place to waste your time with your family.

Off late in and around chennai there are too many malls are emerging. One such is the Abhirami maal in purasaiwalkam. My personal opinion is, its a place where you just lose money for nothing. You wont find anything good for yourself or for your family (Kids too).

There are only 4-5 entertainment areas inside the very very SMALL building. A snow world, Dashing Cars (Renamed as Kissing Cars), Scary home (Ghost house), Kids Area, Fish world (Aquarium) and a common public eating area (Can never call this a food court).

Snow world, Costs Rs.150 per person (No exclusion for Kids even if they are less than 5 years). Maximum of 20 minutes is allowed inside the Show Hall (Its not a world, Its a Hall and nothing more). All you can find is a Small IGLOO not constructed using iceblocks but with bricks. You can also find an ice slider (MAX 20 feet) and you are allowed to slide only once. Even though there was not so much crowd (I could count 20 persons inside the hall) the care taker was adament in stopping us from going for a second slide.

No way, this can be compared with the Snow world in Esselworld-mumbai (Skate area) or the Snow-world in Hyderabad. You get solid 1 hour time for Rs.200. Huge place, good play areas inside the snow world arena.

Coming to Abhirami maal, Dont get tricked with the advertisement and the write-ups on the website It even went to the extent of propagating that “everyone can have the divine darshan of mount manasarovar and Amarnath Ice Lingam”. I couldnt find anything of that kind inside the small hall.

Yes, 20 mins over and We were sent out by the care takers. The Rs.150 also includes a hot dinks. I knew it because I read this in the web site. I dont know how many of them are aware of it. We were not given unless we are asked for. At the end, I regretted for asking for the hot drinks. It tasted YUCK. Water + Color Powder + Salt was served in the name of a soup. Yes, we wasted it. Cant help much. I am a spoit brat when it comes to food. After eating my mom's cooking all these years nothing comes closer and my wife is following my mom's footsteps.

Dashing Cars (Kissing cars), Old book with a new cover. Way too costly, you have to pay Rs.40 For single seat, Rs.70 for double and Rs.80 for baby + Adult. You get exactly 240 Seconds. Done.

Fish world, 20 Fish tanks in a squalid room closed completely. No Air condition. You will start sweating the moment you enter. You spend Rs.20 for getting sweat.

Kids area, I really didnt care to enter into the room I was waiting outside for 45 mins. I was upset and felt that I have wasted my time, moreover my kids were not happy too.

You are not allowed to take one snap in any of the places. If you want Mall employees will take a photo “Do touch up” and will sell it to you for a minimal cost of Rs.100. I have never seen such things before. Remember you are not supposed to take photo using your mobile too. I saw some people taking photos using their mobile, but I wasnt interested after seeing the posters on the walls saying “Camera not allowed”

Wont we get the value for the money we spend in such malls. Are we taken for a ride or is it the same situation in other places also. Yes, I have been to many malls before but never had such a bad experience like I had in Abhirami mall.

Abhiraami the name says “Who is attractive every moment of time”. In the case of Abhirami maal, it is repulsive every moment of time.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Save Tiger - what do you mean?

Off late, huge talk is going about "Saving Tigers". Good initiative, Good Move, but what can i do? Rather, What can a common man  do. All a common man can do to tiger is, just watch it from 300 or 400 meters in a Zoo. Some people can take photos using a hi-fi , hi-resolution Camera or with a Mobile device. Nothing more a public will do or can do.

This message should be sent to all politicians, Actors, hunters and to all people who has a [*Valid*] license for guns. Other than these animal killing people no one can stop the growth of the tiger.

what difference will it make if Dhoni comes on the screen and say "Save tiger"..., when there are 1000s are khan's who are ready to kill it and show of their hunting talent. 

Its pathetic to see so many people joining the forum "Save tigers" in many of the community sites. All they can do is just write one liners and no one can do any productive thing. Though the initiative is good its just that only common man thinks about saving the tiger. Politicians and Hunters will never care about this.

Btw, if a situation comes where "Goat" or "hen" is going to get extinct will Non-Veg eating barbarians have the courage to stop killing and eating animals. We all know there is always partiality going on in every sector of our government, now it has gone to animals too. There is should be rule saying that "NO" animal should be killed by anyone.  

Spare animals... Love them...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Nameology ... what shit....

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa, Don’t know how many of you have seen this program in one of the most popular TV channel in southindia. If you have not seen the program, please do not watch it and waste your precious time.

She is so adamant on changing the names of person, even if the name represents the “nama” of the god or a fancy name. Her business model and approach is very clear, Load some bunch of insane people on the dias. They might have failed in life because of various reasons ranging from not having proper educational background to stupid family background .

She just takes advantages of people who are nuts, and changing his/her name from X to Y or altering the spelling.  A beautiful name “Palaniswamy” is changed to .P.V. Palani and top of it the she is suggesting to change the marriage dates too.

I just cant stop laughing after seeing her name being spelled, Swaruoopa.. huh! I won’t get surprised if she changes her name to “Arupa” or “Nirupa”..

God Save them
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