Tuesday, March 23, 2010

S.M.S - Stupid Messaging Service

Technology has improved a lot. One of the most powerful inventions “MOBILE” is used as a Flirt-finder by the uncouth Casanovas.

my cousin got a call from an unknown number. It was a mistake she took the phone and was waiting for the other person to respond. Invariably, there was “no-response” other than a buzz sound. Ya! Its all over. The Casanovas on hearing female started sending stupid “SMS’s“.

Its all because the service providers giving the SMS free of cost or giving huge discounts for the SMS. There should be some rules and regulations for sending / Receiving SMS. It can be either “Cant Send SMS to unknown number” or “Don’t Receive SMS from unknown number”. If these things are enabled, I am sure these Casanovas will concentrate on the life rather than sticking their tongue out and searching for females.

I think the characters and the habits imbibe from the genes. I am sure these Casanovas are not brought up in a good family background. I wish I meet this Casanova soon and get the shit out of him.

I am sure the Casanova would have read this blog, just waiting for comments from him to prove his flirtatious character.

Casanova : Karthik
College : SRM engineering college.
Mobile : 91-95669-55258

One more message from this number, the whole text-messages along with date-time-Text will be handed over the nearest police station with valid complaint.

Cansanova , Have Fun Buddy.

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