Friday, March 26, 2010

Legal - Pornography

Deaf Tom, Blind Dick and a Dumb Harry in India will know that selling of pornography videos and pictures is against the law. If anyone in India is doing such uncivilized act, he/she can be sentenced to rigorous imprisonment and fine under the Section 292 IPC. It’s a crime to sell the Playing cards where backside is portrayed with obscene naked pictures of men/women in pornographic postures.

We all know that an orthopedic surgeon was arrested under the IPC Section 67 of Information technology act. All he did was making pornographic pictures and selling them over the internet.

Currently the most famous “Terrorist helping” journal is selling pornography in the form of news. Yeah! Who else other than  From this website we can download the complete “CD” of Nithyananda (Read: Profane Cults) with other tamil actresses by paying subscription for the journal. Is this a political journal or pornographic magazine?

Everyone in india knows that Nakkheran is famous for spreading fake news and they write spicy things in the journal to sell the copy and nothing more. It was clearly evident when they released nakkheeran journal with the photo of Velupillay prabhakaran after his death.

These websites will show the true color of Nakkheeran.


On top of it we get to watch free Porno in one of the most famous channel of Tamilnadu, Sun TV. Just to increase the rating the pornography video was telecasted for 3 consecutive days and after that there was no “news” about the issue.

Why the @#$$@^$%& government does not take any action against the “mushy face” a.k.a “Veerapppan’s close associate” a.k.a an editor/publisher of the Tamil magazine Nakkheeran.
Why the Government is not taking any action against the Sun-TV. Oops! I am sorry I should not ask that because “Sun-TV and government” are one and the same, it’s just another business run by the “Nidhi” family.

One thing is for sure, if there is a Web-competition on porno movies surely will top the list.

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