Thursday, March 18, 2010

Abhirami Mall – Place to waste your time with your family.

Off late in and around chennai there are too many malls are emerging. One such is the Abhirami maal in purasaiwalkam. My personal opinion is, its a place where you just lose money for nothing. You wont find anything good for yourself or for your family (Kids too).

There are only 4-5 entertainment areas inside the very very SMALL building. A snow world, Dashing Cars (Renamed as Kissing Cars), Scary home (Ghost house), Kids Area, Fish world (Aquarium) and a common public eating area (Can never call this a food court).

Snow world, Costs Rs.150 per person (No exclusion for Kids even if they are less than 5 years). Maximum of 20 minutes is allowed inside the Show Hall (Its not a world, Its a Hall and nothing more). All you can find is a Small IGLOO not constructed using iceblocks but with bricks. You can also find an ice slider (MAX 20 feet) and you are allowed to slide only once. Even though there was not so much crowd (I could count 20 persons inside the hall) the care taker was adament in stopping us from going for a second slide.

No way, this can be compared with the Snow world in Esselworld-mumbai (Skate area) or the Snow-world in Hyderabad. You get solid 1 hour time for Rs.200. Huge place, good play areas inside the snow world arena.

Coming to Abhirami maal, Dont get tricked with the advertisement and the write-ups on the website It even went to the extent of propagating that “everyone can have the divine darshan of mount manasarovar and Amarnath Ice Lingam”. I couldnt find anything of that kind inside the small hall.

Yes, 20 mins over and We were sent out by the care takers. The Rs.150 also includes a hot dinks. I knew it because I read this in the web site. I dont know how many of them are aware of it. We were not given unless we are asked for. At the end, I regretted for asking for the hot drinks. It tasted YUCK. Water + Color Powder + Salt was served in the name of a soup. Yes, we wasted it. Cant help much. I am a spoit brat when it comes to food. After eating my mom's cooking all these years nothing comes closer and my wife is following my mom's footsteps.

Dashing Cars (Kissing cars), Old book with a new cover. Way too costly, you have to pay Rs.40 For single seat, Rs.70 for double and Rs.80 for baby + Adult. You get exactly 240 Seconds. Done.

Fish world, 20 Fish tanks in a squalid room closed completely. No Air condition. You will start sweating the moment you enter. You spend Rs.20 for getting sweat.

Kids area, I really didnt care to enter into the room I was waiting outside for 45 mins. I was upset and felt that I have wasted my time, moreover my kids were not happy too.

You are not allowed to take one snap in any of the places. If you want Mall employees will take a photo “Do touch up” and will sell it to you for a minimal cost of Rs.100. I have never seen such things before. Remember you are not supposed to take photo using your mobile too. I saw some people taking photos using their mobile, but I wasnt interested after seeing the posters on the walls saying “Camera not allowed”

Wont we get the value for the money we spend in such malls. Are we taken for a ride or is it the same situation in other places also. Yes, I have been to many malls before but never had such a bad experience like I had in Abhirami mall.

Abhiraami the name says “Who is attractive every moment of time”. In the case of Abhirami maal, it is repulsive every moment of time.


  1. All that is written above is cent pc correct...this was my first visit to Abhirami mall snow-world and i swear never to visit it again.Truly,I was carried away by the,"fiery snow ride" banner with snapshots of movie stars enjoying them.Good marketting strategy indeed! The way they give us boots, blazers and gloves before entering the snow-world looks as if they are letting us inside one 'antarctica'...Bull shitt...The passage way leading to the snow world was flambouyant with white-painted tall walls and the snow world itself can be got into through a heavy well-secured iron door...I dont know what they are safeguarding inside. The moment i got through this entrance i was starled.I could barely find some'snow' there.I stooped down and looked at the floor...They had enough cotton smeared on them to make it seem like ice...But you couldnt notice this even if you saw carefully...The whole 500sq ft room looked pretty dark and was lit with night lamps...I dont know what the others around me were throwing at one another assuming it to be ice...Whatever it was i could see each one desperate to make up for the precious 150Rs they had paid for each one in the family.They have one dumb stuffed snow-man at the end of the 'igloo' and one stuffed polar its a snow-world if you have these three...!!!And i also remember seeing a silly sleigh too-one almost broke wooden plank for a year-old to sit and a rope to be pulled by someone.The whole place was slippery and i could not help falling with their notorious boots in my feet...The crap idea of the whole thing made me sick...For some time i watched those who were taking great pleasure in the 'fiery snow slide' and being photographed by the insider...I love being photographed..but no..not here....I didnt want to ever recollect this bitter experience...So I didnt wait any longer..I asked for the exit and came out to fresh air rightaway...?I soon fled from that place forgetting about their hot-drinks.And.. I will never forget the irksome boots i was wearing to keep myself alive for 20 mins in the slippery snow..!Good Heavens!
    By Lakshmi.S

  2. All it happens in INDIA :(

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  4. Very Wonderful Interior Designs In Phenoix Mall Chennai, All construction is very gud looking

  5. 7D movie show also not worth for money

  6. 7D movie show also not worth for money

  7. Its waste of money and time ... We had a wrost experience in abirami mall .. the way of treating is not professional.. last week went to a snow world in Goa it's really a amazing experience for our entire family ...

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