Friday, January 1, 2010

BAPASI - Bookseller's & Publisher's association of South India

The 33rd chennai book fair was inaugurated by Dr.Kalaignar Mu.Karunanidhi on 30th December 2009. Though I couldn’t attend the inaugural function I was there on the second day.

a. Too many book shops. You just cannot complete everything in two visits. All you need is more than two visits. On the first visit, get all the catalogue of the shops and go home have a clear look then visit again for buying things.

b. You should be very clear in the publications name. Knowing just the title of the book will not help.

c. Shops are segregated based on the category. For Eg. Kizhakku Pathippagam (கிழக்கு பதிப்பகம்) has more than three stalls. One for kids (Prodigy) and on top leaders and so on.

d. Only few shops are giving discount and that too it’s all flat 10%. You will get more if you ask for more (you might get an extra 2%) or buy high value books.

e. Comparing to last year, there is enough place to walk. Public need not have to get themselves squeezed.

f. There are few shops which is not in open state (might be ‘cos of the Day-1 syndrome).

g. You can see too many un-opened bundles of books in front of the shop. It means, you might not get the entire book you need on the first attempt.

h. You will find too many books on “Viduthalai puli” Pirabakaran.

i. Kids will surely enjoy, as you have lots of Speciality Kids books store.

j. Just happen to see one shop “RARE BOOK” shop. I was not able to enter in to the shop due to unusual heavy crowd. I couldn’t even see what kind of book is available. I am sure people are searching for the rarest book from the rare book collection. You get some discount if you are fluent in hindi. ;-)

k. If you are planning to go with family there are few issues. The toilets are too clean to get intoJ. You have to cross some mountain and a water spring to get to the toilet only to find that people are comfortable with open-air than the closed toilets.

l. If Gents toilet is on the left wing, Ladies toilet is on the extreme right-wing (You might see the Board). I am not sure about the cleanliness of the place. :-)

m. Food Court by Shri Krishna Sweets an add on for the Fair. You can find Aruna soups, Ooty Sweets, Fresh Fruit Juice, Fresh Fruit Salads under one roof and the cost also hits the roof.

My first time Collection:
1. Indhu Madham Engey Selgirathu (Part 1 & Part 2)
2. Thavirkakkoodiya thavarugal
3. Dharmamaana Dharma Sashthram
4. Mahaswamy Mani mozhigal
5. Srimad Narayaneeyam  in Tamil (Sri Govinda Damaodara Deekshitar)

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