Monday, November 15, 2010

Kanjeera or Frisbee (Flying disc)

What the heck is happening to these guys?

Is this a carnatic music concert dais or play area?  I really don’t understand what this kanjeera player (Sundar Kumar) is doing on stage?

This is not “beeping” cricket ground or a basket ball court… You get your daily bread and butter because of the instrument yet not giving the status and the respect originally deserves.

Again, I am not talking about all the musicians, there are few musicians who are spoiling the culture and tradition and this example is one among them.

Few serious thought comes to my mind ?

a. Why “this” kind of musicians are not performing a classical music in a classical way in western countries ?

b.      Western musicians, never change themselves for us, why the heck do we have to?

c.       Why are these musicians, performing these silly acts only in western countries?

d.      Do these musicians have guts to do the same stupid act in India, in a dais, (if at all accompanying) with Sri Lalgudi or Sri. Seshagopalan or Sri Karaikudi Mani or sri Palghat Raghu ? I am sure he will not try this mindless act with them. You have to/should be perfect when you are with seniors. If you do/say something, you should have the guts to do/say the same thing anywhere and anytime. If not there is some serious problem with the person himself and the act/saying is nothing but false.

e.      I assume that the photo was taken during thani avarthanam. This might be one such instance and there would have been 100s of instances by the same musician might be on the same concert itself. Shame on us.

If at all (IF AT ALL) any stalwarts and greats are doing gimmicks or tricks, they have come a long way and played Lakhs and lakhs  of clear / Perfect / Traditional / neat / conventional / accepted / ideal concerts throughout their life and trying to experiment a bit only on the later/final stages. This guy has just started his career 5-6 years back and this is what he does on stage. This is unacceptable and unpardonable at any time. 

God save such musicians. 

Big size Images :

Samsung Galaxy S – WiFi

Galaxy S I9000

Finally moved to Android Mobile Samsung Galaxy S. Frankly speaking, I didnt do much R&D before buying this Sleek/Weightless/Neat/Perfect Android Mobile (Eclair 2.1 – Upgrades are already released in many parts of the world for Froyo 2.2, but not available in india).

There are few glitches in Android 2.1 and hope it will be rectified with the Froyo update. I am waiting for 2.2 like everyone. Out of few glitches, the most problamatic one is “WiFi”. I dont know how the testing team of Eclair released with this glaring bug.

For me wifi will was working smoothly for a month. I used to get it connected @ home and @ office. The glitch started here, In office I need to connect via Proxy and @ home nothing. There is no profile settings for WiFi connection, I need to manually edit the proxy based on the location I am in. Fine, though its a problem, I got an workaround to get this problem solved. The real problem came after a month. There was frequent disconnection of WiFi @ home. To Keep it Simple, I was not able to browse. Did a Factory Reset, started working fine. In 2 days time, It stopped working. Factory Reset, It started working fine. 2 Days, Its stopped. This time I really wanted to find what the problem is?  Since my office was very close to my home, I shuttled  6 times between office and  home to check the problem. I installed app's one-by-one, Configured step-by-step, All were fine. Just the moment when I configured my office WiFi and set the proxy and when I came back home, the problem started.
Galaxy S I9000

The IP address that got assigned to mobile in office was “10.” series and doesn't get refreshed / cleared when I come back home (“192.” series). This is a major Bug, and I feel samsung will surely take this into account and get the problem solved in the next patch (Froyo 2.2).

One thing is clear, IP is the problem. Made settings such a way that, Marked Use Static IP and assigned the IP Address , gateway, DNS @ home, It worked like charm. Came back to office, I need do the Same thing again, Change IP, Gateway, DNS,..... and top of it, I need to set proxy... Now its working @ office too..

Problems :
a. I need to change all these settings when ever I hooked on to a network.
b. I need to set the proxy if its available/Not available.
c. I need to keep tampering with my WiFi Settings.
d. I need to keep searching for the Static IP Address each and every time if I get hooked to an unknown WiFi.

Now the problem is solved, but changing settings is a pain in the wrong place.. Searched for a Wifi Profiler. I got “Wifi Static” from Android Market. Oh Man, The problem is 70 solved. Create Wifi Account, “Generate” button does the rest. Automatically picks the IP, DNS and other stuffs. One thing is that you dont get the proxy enabled/disabled for this profiler, I think even these guys failed to realize that proxy is more important in work environment. Now all I need to do is, Just enable/Disable the proxy when ever I enter/leaving office.

Problem : Wifi will give trouble when you connect to more than one network (with or without proxy – To be specific With Proxy)

Resolution : 
a. Always Keep Static IP address. Give the Necessary details, like IP, Gateway,DNS.
b. Install WiFi Profiler (WiFi Static or some other Equivalent)

Btw, You cannot get into market or do any operation that is related to Internet from mobile Applications like Gtalk,Gmail,Y!, Market, …...... other than the browser when connected over PROXY. Hope this bug will be rectified in Android2.2.  

The cost of the mobile is slightly on the higher end, but it has everything to beat other iPhone's that is floating in the market.

Fingers Crossed, Already a month delayed on  Froyo's Update. Waiting to Root the phone to get its Juice...

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