Monday, November 15, 2010

Kanjeera or Frisbee (Flying disc)

What the heck is happening to these guys?

Is this a carnatic music concert dais or play area?  I really don’t understand what this kanjeera player (Sundar Kumar) is doing on stage?

This is not “beeping” cricket ground or a basket ball court… You get your daily bread and butter because of the instrument yet not giving the status and the respect originally deserves.

Again, I am not talking about all the musicians, there are few musicians who are spoiling the culture and tradition and this example is one among them.

Few serious thought comes to my mind ?

a. Why “this” kind of musicians are not performing a classical music in a classical way in western countries ?

b.      Western musicians, never change themselves for us, why the heck do we have to?

c.       Why are these musicians, performing these silly acts only in western countries?

d.      Do these musicians have guts to do the same stupid act in India, in a dais, (if at all accompanying) with Sri Lalgudi or Sri. Seshagopalan or Sri Karaikudi Mani or sri Palghat Raghu ? I am sure he will not try this mindless act with them. You have to/should be perfect when you are with seniors. If you do/say something, you should have the guts to do/say the same thing anywhere and anytime. If not there is some serious problem with the person himself and the act/saying is nothing but false.

e.      I assume that the photo was taken during thani avarthanam. This might be one such instance and there would have been 100s of instances by the same musician might be on the same concert itself. Shame on us.

If at all (IF AT ALL) any stalwarts and greats are doing gimmicks or tricks, they have come a long way and played Lakhs and lakhs  of clear / Perfect / Traditional / neat / conventional / accepted / ideal concerts throughout their life and trying to experiment a bit only on the later/final stages. This guy has just started his career 5-6 years back and this is what he does on stage. This is unacceptable and unpardonable at any time. 

God save such musicians. 

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  1. sundarkumar, dont be anony. its not abot fame. its abt your act

  2. guys don't pst anonymous comments. it will be deleted. sundar it's especially for u.

  3. there s an option in this to comment as ANONYMOUS

  4. i just went thru ur blog.. i am surely not sundar, u and the blog both look silly

  5. i will laminate this foto and present it to sundar, a small gift for his courage and passion on the instument and art

  6. keep doing and show your inability. lol

  7. Talkin about jealous, who ? me! I am not surely jealous on your Frisbee act :-). Read the Point 'D' and understand the subject then reply.

    If you dont understand call me. I can explain you. If you still cant understand God save you

    I am not here talking about your talent in kanjeera.. All i am saying is " What you have done on stage is absolute rubbish and not clean".

    Justify your act on stage.. Else keep your mouth shut!

  8. Hi Mr. Sriram,

    First of all its a great article by you. kudos to you :)

    It gives me an immense pleasure to read such an article, which is more likely a life saving service for the great carnatic music world. In this modern computer age most of the fields fail to appreciate our Indian culture and tradition. In my opinion Carnatic music is the one and only art form or a field which is still trying to cherish, grow, maintain, appreciate our Indian culture, tradition and pure values in a great way. So, now it is the sheer responsibility of a performing musicians like Sundarkumar to at least let the carnatic music world keep going in a valuable path. Its my humble request to all the responsible performing musicians like Sunderkumar to at least not kill our Great India's culture.

  9. Innovations ! What is exactly meant by that word? One particular innovation has to be a new, acceptable, idea with in the boundaries of that particular field. Our carnatic music has its own respectable soothing, innovative, enthralling, relaxing, lovable boundaries. All of our seniors right from Sri Thayagaraja swamigal have done many innovations in carnatic music. But none of them have crossed the boundary like this young (BIG) Sundarkumar. Does he thinks that he is just greater than everybody in this world? I don't understand his mindset at all. If he wants to do catch practice, he must have chosen the field of cricket or any other supporting sport field and have gone to the "BEEPING" CRICKET/PLAY GROUND but not to the music performing stage. No sports person will come to the music stage in the first place, even if they do come, they wont play cricket or their own sport in that particular stage. I guess all sport persons or any field persons should come to the play ground or their own stage and start performing music during their session of game/work to mock their field like this fat mocker Sunderkumar.

    When it comes to particular kanjira playing, I have listened to great Shri G. Harishankar sir and Shri V. Nagarajan Sir in seniors and Shri B.S. Purushothaman, Shri K.V.Gopalakrishnan and many other young stars. I have also heard about Shri Mamundiya pillai and Shri Dakshinamurty pillai. But I have never had a golden opportunity to listen to their recordings. Shri Harishankar sir or Shri Nagarajan sir have done many innovations in the field of Kanjira. But I don't think that they have crossed their limits. Does Mock Sunderkumar think that he is much more greater than Harishankar or Nagarajan and any other seniors? He should learn from his contemporary and junior players in the first place how to accompany for a concert. A kanjira artist's role is to support and follow the vocalist, violinist and the Mridangam artist and lift the whole event. Sunderkumar have ever failed to do that. He plays a full thani avarthanam during the concert. Actually he disturbs the concert as much as possible. In the first place let him learn to play kanjira and then start thinking of doing the innovations. What is the experience of this young boy? how many concerts have he played in total? how much knowledge does he have to think of doing any new innovation? does he thinks that he have achieved everything in this field? does he thinks that every body has to approve what ever he does? is his next plan to grab Tampura, Violin, Mridangam and others instrument's and throw and catch and say it as a new bloody innovation? How dare he is to mock this divine art and the divine instrument. This kind of mockery musician's should be punished severely.

    He is a disciple of Sri Karaikudi R Mani( he claims). I have seen him playing with him for some concerts in his initial stages ( not a very long time ago, but in the recent past) ( this itself shows how experienced he is. I still remember Mani sir introducing him in his debut concert in Narada gana sabha). but I have not seen him playing with his guru in last few years. I know that Sri Mani sir encourages many young talents for a long time. Is that means that his guru is not happy with him? If so then that definitely means " GURU DROGAM". OK fine, Let me not go too personally. By doing doing all this idiotic, non-sense innovations he is failing to do his job and stick to the responsibilities and leading his juniors in a wrong path. Which will surely spoil the culture, tradition and divinity of the art. Which may even lead to spoil the world peace. In that account it is not only the " VIDHYA DROGAM" or " GURU DROGAM", Its also equivalent to " DESA DROGAM".

    Will the seniors take necessary action to save this art?

    May lord RAMANA MAHARISHI save this music world and music from this musical dacoits

  10. There can never be right and wrong for a particular doing. If it has to be right, it cannot be wrong or viceversa.

    The kanjira player may thought what he did was correct but it looks really silly to throw and catch in a concert.

  11. audience will decide..don t break ur empty head

  12. Lame! sundar!why dont you stop posting anonymous!
    Audience! hahah! are you going to decide on your FrisBee Act! lol!

    Keep Frisbeeing..... :P

  13. I have a question. How can you decide that it is Sundarkumar whenever somebody posts in anonymous? did you track the IP address or something? what is the proof? True music lover, Ranganathan are also in anonymous except they named themselves. you look really silly calling his name after every anony comment.. the first ever comment was from an anony said that you gotta improve your grammar first.. you deleted it in the first place. Responding to anony posts and deleting just selective 'few' of them are silly.
    what you have posted in your blog is not a big thing as many people post their views in their blogs. but 'true music lover' has done some 'personal attacks' calling Sundarkumar as 'fat' 'mock' etc etc. i guess, the commenter is too thin and fit? his spouse wouldn't be fat? or his/her parent? or sisters? anyone in his family? or friends? comments that are off-topic like these make everything look childish.
    whatever, he is a fantastic Kanjeera player who plays like a machine or a robot!
    am being a Ghatam player, i have known that when maestro Vikku Vinayakram Sir threw his Ghatam during thani avarthanams, there were a lot of oppositions. but now he is an incredible Star. throwing Ghatam is also out of Sampradayam but whole world is accepting Vikku Sir and many are doing it now. so every start of a trend has opposition.. what is much difference in throwing Ghatam and Kanjeera?
    i think you are a good rasika too. i dont say wrong about you.. but you gotta act little matured by deleting some words like LOL, smileys that it looks little matured for your age..

  14. sundar:Oh ya! i was supposed to delete all the anony comments. Then decided not to do it! Again, It can never be anybody other than sundar or someone who is (very) close to sundar! LOL! LOL! LOL (Are you reading the LOL, do it thrice) LOL LOL LOL.

    Did you or did you not get my point from the blog? If you are not getting, it means that you don’t know English, if you did get the meaning there is no change needed. So WTF?

    Regarding True music lover, Please trace down the person and get to know if that is true or not.

    Sundar is not a frisbee player or a cricket player Infact not a sportsman and never can be one.. haha LOL ;-)

    I am sure you aren’t a ghatam player. Have guts (dillu irukka), write in your name. If not call me don't waste your time by writing to support sundar upon his request.

    I know sundar would have asked you to start about "Vikku sir’s" throwing the ghatam on air.

    He is capable of doing that. HE will do that. He is doing that. I have proof that sundar has told many people about this. He personally asked this question to many people and asked them to write about “vikku sir” to save his ass. No one has done it, because they knew it’s a “F”all argument. He doesn’t have courage to justify his act rather fall on others. If I start giving proof and copy & Paste (what sundar wrote) the same in this blog sundar’s career will be in jeopardy. I don’t want to do that.

    My point : what sundar did was a dick-head job and nothing more. On top of that you are supporting (on request by sundar)

    Vikku sir didn’t start it first, "KODHANDARAMA IYER" did it first. Please know the history before blabbering something. Dont compare vikku sir with Sundar. There should be comparison only between equals and not between a new-born kid and a master.

    I think you don’t understand the meaning of smiley and webbish-acronymns. You need to grow up buddy.
    First Stop being a “Chumcha” for Sundar, Write in your name, JUSTIFY the ACT… then you can support the frizbee player. If you are not matured enough or don’t know what smileys are, you better learn them from someone and read the blog again. Why don’t you ask yourself / sundar to perform a strip-tease kanjeera program on stage and that will become one “F”all innovation.

    I am happy that you have made the comment section interesting… Now have fun and face the fire..
    Sundar : Again don’t be anonymous. You are capable of doing it and ask your “chumcha” to justify your act and not just do “PARA THAMPATTAM”

    Lame sundar … I am sure that you don’t have enough ammunition! Justify your act or just keep your mouthshut, rather open it and show the world who the F you are… Now don’t try to read between the words.. I really mean it! Lol hahaha

    Have "F" Fun!

  15. True Music Lover's LoverNovember 28, 2010 at 2:30 AM

    Sundarkumar, I am sure you are not worried about what is written on the blog. You are worried that many of the other musicians (your friends) are highlighted and you are being thrashed. I personally feel that is your problem and that is your only problem.

    whats wrong in calling you a mocker when you are performing tricks on stage ?

  16. It looks really silly to comment about great kanjeera player. Sundarkumar is the greatest of all kanjeera player in the current generation of musicians and nobody can deny it. Its pity that you people not able to accept the fact. Musicians are really cunning and they don't want anybody to get a status on stage. It happened many times with Sundarkumar also. He was not at all encouraged by many of the top ranking or senior or junior musicians either be a mridangists or other percussion players or other artists. It is just because they dont want him to get the status and moreover afraid that Sundarkumar can topple them in stage in minutes. It is well known to everyone that the Great Palghat Raghu himself was not comfortable to sit with SundarKumar on stage because of fear. Palghat Raghu has said no for Sundarkumar many times just to escape from embarrassment on stage. I think this is more than enough to prove that Sundarkumar is greatest of all. This gesture itself is equal to thousands of awards and crowns. Sundarkumar need not have to listen to you all because you people are not equal to palghat raghu. I think this is the only reason Sundarkumar is not responding to this blog.

  17. sundar, Were you alright when you wrote this comment! Dont bring Raghu sir into picture... You justify your act or just keep your mouth shut!

    You and your comparison! huh!

  18. Karthikeyan, Shanti colony, Anna Nagar, ChennaiDecember 12, 2010 at 12:22 AM

    I support the views of Anonymous whole heartedly. Sundarkumar is undoubtedly the greatest kanjira player, percussionist the world has ever seen. Why Palghat Raghu, even Palghat Mani iyer would not dare meeting him on stage! Name any big percussionist from any part of the world. He would be a mere JUJUBI compared to Sundarkumar. Please don't offend the feelings of Sundarkumar's fans by even mentioning about Harishankar, Nagarajan and some pillais. I pray they are all reborn to learn from Sundarkumar under gurukula vaasam. Coming to the subject of throwing the Kanjira... the advantage kanjira has is its light weight. So to belittle the ghatam players' monopoly of chucking the instrument (even rarely) Sundarkumar should juggle half a dozen kanjiras for his stature and greatness. He is so considerate to them by throwing just one kanjira. This season Sundarkumar will do another innovation by placing the kanjira on Umayalpuram Sivaraman's head covering his old bald head. Umayalpuram Sivaraman has already conceded his defeat to Sundarkumar long back. Anonymous must also be aware of this. Kaliyuga Nandi... nay... parameshwara avatara... creator of the matter and concept of LAYA and destroyer of demons like palghat Raghu, Umayalpuram Sivaraman, Karaikkudi Mani, Trichy Sankaran, Tiruvarur Bakthavatsalam and the like.... Sri Sundarkumar! HAIL him! Anyone attempting further derogatory on this Kanjira God will encounter serious consequences.

  19. I surely know that every knows the meaning of "Sarcasm", Karthikeyan brilliantly summarized the meaning of "Sarcasm" with an awesome post.....


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