Monday, March 15, 2010

Save Tiger - what do you mean?

Off late, huge talk is going about "Saving Tigers". Good initiative, Good Move, but what can i do? Rather, What can a common man  do. All a common man can do to tiger is, just watch it from 300 or 400 meters in a Zoo. Some people can take photos using a hi-fi , hi-resolution Camera or with a Mobile device. Nothing more a public will do or can do.

This message should be sent to all politicians, Actors, hunters and to all people who has a [*Valid*] license for guns. Other than these animal killing people no one can stop the growth of the tiger.

what difference will it make if Dhoni comes on the screen and say "Save tiger"..., when there are 1000s are khan's who are ready to kill it and show of their hunting talent. 

Its pathetic to see so many people joining the forum "Save tigers" in many of the community sites. All they can do is just write one liners and no one can do any productive thing. Though the initiative is good its just that only common man thinks about saving the tiger. Politicians and Hunters will never care about this.

Btw, if a situation comes where "Goat" or "hen" is going to get extinct will Non-Veg eating barbarians have the courage to stop killing and eating animals. We all know there is always partiality going on in every sector of our government, now it has gone to animals too. There is should be rule saying that "NO" animal should be killed by anyone.  

Spare animals... Love them...

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