Monday, August 10, 2009

Insult on Physical disability

Few days back, while watching one of sickest 'Tamil comedy' channel, Few guys were making mockery of people who are blind.

Some Cranky guy acted as if he is blind and sought help from a passer near by. Not knowing the trap he helped the person to cross the road, finally landed in to trouble.

Though it looks comical, this should not be encoraged at all. I am sure many will start thinking the real "physically challenged" persons as spoof because of such stipid acts.

On the other hand, If only the actors have some one closely associated with them are physically challenged, will they ever try to do it?

It is not enough to punish who insult physically challenged people, speaking to them with disrespect or calling them by names, but also LAW should be enforced such a way that makng mockery of physically challenged people should be banned and these kind of programs are completely banned.

Guys, Laugh at something you do, Please do not laugh at something other people cannot do.


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