Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thoughts through Blog - Blought

Straight forward definition: Reason for doing something. In daily life, everyone of use this sentence “what I thought was” ?huh! It is such a generic sentence that people can fill anything and everything.

On reading this post, every one of you will think something and will reflect on you behavior at least for a fraction of a moment. It might range from posting a comment for this post to bookmarking this page to find out what the heck I am going to write…. ;-)

The blog will be all about “Blought (s)”. Now what the @#$@ is that. It is just that, thought through this blog becomes blought! If I make you think stupid about this word. I would like you to go through this website to think even more stupid.

The blought will be on my personal thoughts to others thoughts about thoughts. :p

Happy bloking ;-)

1 comment:

  1. "blought"- well yes thats a nice term and agreeable that makes a person wanna read more.. thoughts to others thoughts about thoughts:) well i call that satisfactory and nice!


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