Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pizza Corner – Pizza Conner

Ordered Pizza from one of the famous pizza outlets in india. “Pizza Corner”. Since my place is close to one of the outlets (Pizza Corner Velachery), I always get the stuff delivered from that outlet. One of the worst promises that will be made by the “Phone order taking girls/Guys” will be “Your pizza will be delivered with in XX minutes”. Till now I have never got the pizzas on time and I dont want them to hurry too. The way these guys drive the Scooters makes lives miserable for pedestrians. If they are in a real hurry, The public on the road will get affected or this guy will skid from the vehicle and sustain serious injury. Many of these guys are not wearing the helmets too. Moreover, I don't want to “EAT” free. Considering the traffic let them take a grace time of 15 to 20 minutes. 

I know many people who waits for the “extra few minutes” to pass and then get the pizzas for free. Don't know what the mind set of the people is?. Always eat free...Huh! nice family! Nice culture!! On the other hand, sometimes the delivery boys come to deliver after 2hours of time. It has happened to myself and there may be many such “un”successful stories.

Fine, they can say “better late than never”, but what about the order. If you see the image you will understand what I am coming to. The whole extra toppings got glued on to the top of the box. All I got was a Pizza Base. This has already happened once and I complained to the manager of Pizza corner velacherry (Pizza corner velachery). Pizza corner's manager was so nice, he went to extent of replacing the order. In that case I have to wait for one more hour without eating. I left it off. Today again the same thing happened, extra cheese got stuck on the top of the box. I was so damn hungry I cant even shout at the guy. If I complain what will be result? The Pizza Corner manager will be friendly, nice and will ask me to wait for another hour for replacing the same.
A Delicious food will not be delicious unless it is served clean and neat. Leave alone the pizza box, Just have a look the  cover of seasoning and mouth freshener. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!. The covers are not properly sealed. I am sure the cover is sealed with an age old technique of showing the open end to the candle flame. It does not look nice. Infact it looks UGLY. Even in the road side groundnut shop they seal the cover neatly and its done with an electrical machine. Cant the Pizza Corner use the small size zipper bag for this or use a machine to seal the cover.

On top of it, we spent around Rs.600.00 for such a nasty service. Where is value for money? What happens to the promise he made last time? and WHAT is the value of my money?  In the previous instance, Pizza corner's manager said in a very nice tone “Sir! From next time this will not happen Sir! I will surely take care sir! Don't worry Sir!” (in a typical tamilian accent). Please note, I am not degrading any tamilians here! Don't read this sentence alone and starting questioning me :-)

I am sure these guys will not heed to customers voices. Decided! No more Pizzas from any outlets of Pizza Corner and moreover No more references to my friends too. There are lots of better pizza outlets in chennai who can do a great door delivery.

If this is the state of Pizza Corner sure it will be cornered.


  1. HI sir,

    What a thought! what a thought! No one in this world took topics like you. Because they say they have lot of useful works. But in reality, you are looking into matters which ignites the fire inside the people like me. You are setting great standards in the field of Pizza. What a great researcher you are. You are rocking. Before I start reading your blog, I thought Science, Agriculture, Politics, Information Technology, Health Care, Spirituality, Patriotism are the useful topics to be discussed. But after reading your blog, I changed my mind. You opened my eyes. PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA & ONLY PIZZA is the important topic to be discussed for our livelihood. PIZZA has lot of Scientific Aspects. PIZZA will reap us lot of rice, wheat and grains. PIZZA will decide who is the leader for the next election. PIZZA is the most healthiest thing in this world. PIZZA will provide us the necessary working systems & virus-free IT Systems. PIZZA is the only thing which gives you lot of concentration. A powerful tool for meditation & to find the self. PIZZA is the national asset & freedom fighters used it to get freedom for our country. TOTALLY PIZZA IS THE BE ALL AND END ALL OF ALL THE FUTURE GENERATIONS. You are scientist. Go into more researches and make the mankind enlighten. We follow your footsteps and will get drowned. SORRY! NOT DROWNED... CROWNED. ARE U HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lame sundar! I never knew that you are such an idiot to post again and again anonymously.... with the help of you chamchaaas!

    btw, you change your mind or your body you will be the same till the end! you can never come up in life! lol!

    Anyway.. Eat pizza and get bloated! lol! hahah


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