Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eat @ home....

Few thoughts. Many people will not agree with me, But what the heck.

1. Try to have food by sitting on the floor. To be harsh, Dont eat while sitting on the bed, where you spent the whole night sleeping.

2. It also means, that you should not walk or stand while having meals.

3. Can't you have a plate for yours, instead of eating in a common plate. To be precise, eat in your own plates.

4. Do not attend, "buffet" meal, NOR THROW a party.
(btw, There are very good Scientific Explanations for all these.)

5. First and foremoest whatever we eat should be offered to the god as ' Naivedyam' then only we can/should offer it to guests and finally we should eat. I am not sure how many of us remember what is 'Naivedyam'.

6. While on tour, Always try atleast to have meals
    a. Only with like minded people
    b. Only with at minded people's house
    c. Only in canteen run by like minded people
    To be precise : Eat Only in places where you are comfortable performing your nithya karma (Nithya vidhi).

Ok, Why all of a sudden this post. Fine, If not @ early 30's then when is my question. Why do we need to eat @ hotels, when we have nice people @home to cook and serve us nice and clean food.

I stopped going to 3* hotels or 5* hotels or TopStar “Veg & Non-Veg” Hotel. Its just that their vegetarian is not “Pure” Vegetarian.

On tour, Its really tough to find a clean/neat/good “Only Veg” restaurant in all parts of the places, but it easy to find such places if you are inclined to eat only in such “Good/Pure Veg” Hotels.

I hope my last and final “Buffet” is already over (Official Annual Meet).


  1. Hotel food does not always mean dangerous food ( Though it mostly is unhealthy food)

    Occasional visits to Restaurant is fun... People at home dont have to cook ( Should give them a break)

    Completely agreed that we are all moving towards non home food . ( Especially me :-) Thanks to Bangalore culture and my lazyness )

    We can avoid running to restaurant every fourth day. But a meal outside home is definitely welcome every fortnight or so ( Relaxed Environment, No Cooking , Cleaning )


  2. People @ home dont have to cook. Pefect! On the other hand, why dont people @ home help each other(s) in cooking.

    There are many advantages in this :
    a. Everyone will get Brickbats
    b. Everyone will get bouquet
    c. You can eat different varieties of food with different taste.
    d. Moreover on tour, you can cook on your own if you dont find a good restaurant.

    Yes, Occasional visit to restaurant is fun! I know! Everyone knows! But, the funny visit by appa, amma , athimber to "Kumbakonam Juice shop" wansnt really funny :P

  3. Yes !! Where u eat may matter some time.
    Precaution with water is a must :-)

    Give me Geeta's mail ID .. I will forward ur reply to her ( esp that helping at home part :-) )

  4. The food we eat shapes our thoughts. This has been explained in detail by MahaPeriyaval in Devaithin Kural. I don't eat any food outside. I have never found that uncomfortable; infact it has proved to be a blessing to me in many ways. Fun, if its spiritually uplfting, ll help us beyond our present janma; in the hundreds of lives yet to come. Eating self cooked food/food cooked by parents/spouse has sooo many benefits! Jus go thro the article by MahaPeriyava, it'll be very enlightening.


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