Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A - Z by a Critic

Few things in life will never change. One among them is the one liner appreciation / critical view of a music critic on the Mridangam / Ghatam / Khanjeera Maestros/Vidwans/players/artists. This trend is continuing for a long period of time and there has been no improvement or there has be no step taken by the Professional music Critics to learn what to write. Now a days new trend has started, Rasikas started to give their views on the concert. 

The views have become stale, bad, worse, biased, TOTALLY biased and top of it writting without any knowledge. Yes, I am talking about only and nothing else.

The so called Rasikas have started commenting about the artists who have seen generations of musicians and have given lots and lots of concerts, and these so called rasikas giving their opinion on how to sing, what to sing and  even going to the extent of giving suggestions to the vidwans. 

26 One liners - By different "so called" Critics
Accompanied by X and Y on Mridangam and Ghatam.

Both of them did a spelndid job in the thani.

Commendable support in lifting the concert.

Demonstrated his mridangam playing skills along with equally esteemed ghatam player.

Energetic thani by the mridangist was enjoyable.

Fireworks allround and the thani was majestic, with nice support

Gave a good accompaniment especially during main

His left side play was very good this morning. first round of his thani was a bit long and convoluted, but there was probably some intiricate kaNakku I failed to grasp.

Intellectual thani by the accompanists was really enjoyable

Joyous thani followed by a quick thillana and thukkadas was the highlight of the concert.

Kritis were followed aptly by the mridangam player and for the manOdharma portions as well.

Loud and obnoxious, he banged way too much and it was entirely inappropriate

Math oriented tani-avarthanam, with excellent Sarvalaghu. Enjoyed it very much.

Nothing (Can be interpreted in what every way you like ;-) )

Outstanding performance by the percussionists.

Played well, was very able in support.

Quick Tani, and it was well done. There was very good support by the ghatam player.

Really brilliant support and nice rotation from both percussionists.

Sowkyam of the mridangam & ghatam was pleasing to ears, his tani in Adi- 2 kalai was good.

Thoroughly enjoyable tani by percussionists

Undoubtedly, this is best thani I have ever heard in my musical journey.

Vintage style Tani with xxxxx was scintillating and illustrative

Was very good on the mrudangam

Xerotic Thani avarthanam led to boredom. (Couldnt find a word starting with X.. its mine :P)

Young mridangist was vibrant on stage and his tani was really good.

Zestful performance by the Mridangist and Ghatam player.

Few examples by the so called rasika from


  1. Some more---- Interesting Thani Avarthanam
    Imaginative Thani, mathematical thani, melodious thani

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