Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We all need Subhiksha but not with this!

Thanks to peekayar@yahoo.com (P.K.Ramakrishnan) for this insight.

Deepavali  In South India the name used for Deepavali is Narakachaturdasi.  Chaturdasi is the fourteenth day of krishnapaksha. This day is dedicated to Naraka. Naraka an asura,  the son of Satyabhama. Satyabhama is said to be an incarnation of Lakshmi or Fortune.

Now let us discuss the mythological aspect of this. Naraka is the Sanskrit word for hell. Hell is another word for misery. When misery is annihilated fortune automatically springs.  Both cannot co-exist.   When Naraka is killed people take bath to get rid of the pollution.  When fortune springs people are happy and partake sweet things and celebrate with row of lighted lamps called Deepavali. This appears to be inner significance of Narakachaturdasi and Deepavali.

Thanks to peekayar@yahoo.com (P.K.Ramakrishnan) for this insight.

Now thoughts,

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of diwali is the crackers. 
Throughout the city, round the corners you are able to see cracker shops of various brands from “Standard” to “Kuyil”. Somehow, I am fascinated by crackers. It might be because I am not afraid of the sound/noise.

This year the troubled retail chain “Subhiksha” started a பட்டாசுக்கடல் (Sea of Crackers). The advertisement claims the cost of crackers are much lesser than other shops and it also claims that a “40%” flat discount is available in the shop.

I have gone and visited (Visited) one of the shops near Velacherry Railway station. It was a surprise to me that there is no “standard” brand crackers and top of it, you don’t find any GOOD fancy crackers.

Reasons for why a consumer should not get cheated on seeing false advt., boards.

  • You don’t get a Price list. 
  • Brand of crackers is not mentioned
  • There is comparison with other shops
Price Comaprison : it is way too costly comparing with other shops. I am 100% happy with advertisement boards saying “40%” on crackers. Note : Discount not applicable for standard crackers.

A “Standard” brand 1000Wala costs around Rs.375, where as in Subhiksha a xyz-branded costs Rs.440. Invariable all the items are costlier by Rs.20 or more.

Yes I agree that cracker industry got a hit off-late because of child labour problems. In subhiksha’s case, I think they have spent more on the shop area, covers, lights, Generators, advertisement hoardings and increased the cost of the crackers.

Caution: If you are planning to buy from subhiksha, make sure that you compare the prices with other shops and then start off your purchase.

Note :  Yes, I agree that there are people who say "No" to crackers or "Ban" crackers during diwali. It depends on family to family. If you have kids who are crazy about crackers, I dont want  to let them down. Other than New clothes, Sweets, Wishes and  Aasirvathams,  crackers does make the kids remember the diwali in a special way. Yes we have planned something special this Diwali (Fireworks). 

Of-course yes, there are other ways to celebrate diwali. I agree to that.

Wish you all Happy, Safe and colourful diwali.


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  3. Hi,
    I am one of the victim who has bought crackers yesterday from Subhiksha and they are the worst quality crackers/Fire works I have bought so far.

    Only 40% works fine. We should read the discount this way. Pathetic!!!!!

    Seems like they are clearing the old stock from previous year. Friends pl don't make the same mistake that I did.

  4. Try Kaliswari fireworks - cockbrand crackers- the oldest and first fireworks company in Sivakasi.


    the prices in factory outlets are fixed by the company. the don't do the discount gimmick
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  5. Great insight on cracker less Diwali. But crackers online shopping Chennai has opened a wide opportunity to get the crackers through online.

  6. Yeah, what more do u expect from Subhiksha? , I have been there in 2008 - they carry cheap unreliable brands. I have moved to Cockbrand , They have outlets in T Nagar , Tambaram and chromepet.
    definitely worth a try

  7. Thanks for your information this post will certainly help people getting cheated by the false discoount offers. It is better to order crackers online since we will deal directly with the manufacturing concern and it is more quality rich.

  8. STANDARD is not the ONLY or BEST brand in crackers. STANDARD is pretty good for the price one pays; And one can't really go wrong here. As they say in filmworld, Minimum Guarantee is assured.
    However, smart purchasers know that there are better value brands around. I am saying this as somebody who has purchased all brands & I have no vested interests with any of the brands mentioned below (including Standard).
    Standard is undisuputably #1 and well known in Chennai/B'lore Market. Do you who reigns supreme in Mumbai and/or Delhi markets? Or even in southern markets (Madurai, Tirunelveli etc). The answers to these queries reveal the right things.
    ANIL Brand (been there from 1930's) is well known in Southern Markets & Mumbai. Their garlands (i.e. 1000, 5000, 10000 Walas) are, dare I say, BETTER than Standard; their flowerpots are EQUAL if not better than it. Anil recently introduced online purchasing: www.anilcelebrations.com; Try them, you can't go wrong here. Anil is virtually unknown in Chennai/B'lore - but don't allow that to influence your mind. They are GOOD. Anil's prices are appx 10-15% lesser. Anil needs to improve on Aerial Fancy shots - some are good, but STANDARD is unequivocally better & is the name to beat.
    Kaliswari Brand (COCK brand) is well known in Delhi markets. Kaliswari is very good in Sparklers/FlowerPots/Chakkars, I would say EQUAL to Standard, but prices are atleast 20-25% lesser than Standard. However, I found Kaliswari needs to improve on - Aerial Fancy Shots, Walas & others. Kaliswari is reasonably well known in Chennai / B'lore.
    Ayyan is pretty decent. Their prices are almost equivalent to STANDARD and could be a good alternative brand. I like some of their Flower pots (e.g. Crackling Flower pots, Pop-pops etc).
    Ayyan is also present in Chennai (Parry's Anderson St; they also put up stalls in Island grounds).
    Next are 2nd rung brands, which are not well known, but one can try. Vadivel Fireworks, Sony Fireworks (esp. their Fancy Aerials);
    As for me, I vouch for Anil (except Fancy's), Cock for Ground Fancy (Pots, chakkrs, sparklers) & Standard for Fancy Aerials. This Diwali I have purchased from Anil & Vadivel. I am a value purchaser, but one who does not like to compromise on Quality as well. Both purchased Online & brought to my home Chennai.
    Importantly, other low level brands, from my experience, are not good at all. However, one has to keep trying small amounts to scout for value buys in future.
    Hope this helps.

    1. Still lot of good brands also there like Ravindra & Vijay fireworks.

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