Wednesday, September 14, 2011

AaShai Mugam from Remixed Iyer girls

First listen to this song in Youtube : 

I dont have any complaints about the music, and it doesn't mean that I liked it completely.

This is the first message from the Music Choreographer  “Shankar Tucker” (ST)
To preemptively address any arguments about pronunciation, there are different dialects of Tamil, in which the lyrics can either be pronounced "Ashai Mugam" or "Asai Mugam".
Shankar Tucker

I am really happy that ST knows that he is doing a mistake WANTEDLY and to be on the safer side he has given the two line explanation about the slip (lisp).

ST is no Freaking god to change the dialects or invent a new dialect in tamil. Its completely stupid, if people do not know the language or the way how the words should be pronounced. I am sure that ST is having more of information and less of knowledge which leads to such stupid albums.

The moment I hear the words Ashai Mugam Maranthu pochey, I started thinking about “Collector Durai”. Why would someone think of Robert William Ashe (ஆஷ்) , Was he So Smart ? He is one among the thousands of Britishers responsible for all the ills, poverty and ignorance in india, and finally killed by the great martyr Vanchinathan Iyer.

Is that connection what made the Iyer Girls to sing “Ashai” Mugam.

No, wait wait.. thoughts shifted to Arthur Ashe (ஆஷ்). A  great Tennis player who remains to be the only black  man to win the Wimbledon championship.

I am sure that the Great “Mahakavi bharathi” never in his dreams would have written about Robert william Ashe (ஆஷ்) or Arthur Ashe (ஆஷ்).

To me its a pure act of 

  • Deliberate mispronunciation for laughs 
  • Deliberate cruelness to language
  • Deliberate Lisp


  • A person with No knowledge about language
  • A person who is Physically challenged (Not able to pronounce words correctly)


  • An attempt to defame Mahakavi Bharathi
  • An attempt to defame the language Tamil

  • A Publicity Stunt
  • A Negative Publicity

ST and the singers should refrain from maligning the compositions and concentrate more on singing perfectly than trying these stupid "Re-Mix".

Other Publicity Stunts :


  1. You need to get a life, seriously...what's wrong with u...the girls sang the song beautifully. It's just one word and again Shankar has informed about the dialect thing already...Honestly man...learn to appreciate someone's talent..!!!

  2. Thanks Anony! I appreciate your concern. (See I have appreciated you now!) There is no reason to accept/appreciate "Intentional Denigration". What do you mean by just word? Anyway leave it.. Its my opinion and you have shared your opinion!...

  3. The tamil spoken by brahmins is definitely different. You can see a lot of differences which are only slight. Tamizh spoken by the brahmins is heavily influenced by sanskrit. For example Prabhu a sanskrit word is written in tamil as pirabu.There do not exist the right syllables for the word to be written.

    Tamizh spoken in the northern part of TN is very different from the south. The variation can also be seen in urban and rural dialects.

    The "izh" in the Tamil language is the same as the "zh" in malayalam yet tamilians pronounce it erraneously. A sen-tamizh scholar doesn't take offense if people in the villages speak a crude form of the language.
    A slight variation is not intentional degradation. A person aware of all the dialects can comment with such vehemance.

    These subtle variations do not degrade but enrich the language.

  4. Vineeth, What are you? an expert on Braminical Tamil? No way, man! No brahmin in Tamil Nadu pronounces the word 'asai' as 'ashai' unless he/she wants to be hip and thinks it is the latest fad to speak that way.
    I completely agree with you that many Tamilians, instead of being proud of using the unique alphabet 'zha' lazily use 'la' , e.g. pazham (fruit) is mispronounced as 'palam'. Only Tamil and Malayalam have this unique alphabet. 'Keezhe' (below) is pronounced as 'keele' and so on.

  5. Guys, you people seriously worried about some ashai and asai. I'm not a tamilian. But i can understand your concerns. I've listened to those songs of tucker and i'm fida of those songs even though i don't understand your language. Now, if you look at tamil songs now a days, especially that kolaveri di song, what you say about that? Whole country is in love wit that song which is very much influenced by pop culture. You people are not blaming or discussing about that. But you are discouragin a foreigner who has love for our culture and music. Because of him i came to know our carnatic music is so super and sweet. Now i'm big fan of darbari kannada tune (ne nendail song) and learning it. Appreciate it. Jai hind

  6. Agreed with Sriram completely for a change.

  7. i liked the song very much, beautifully sung. i m not tamil n dont understand the meaning. but music surely reaches beyond all boundaries.

  8. Dear all,

    For your kind information, the word aasai comes from saMskRta - aashaa ( ). In the myriad tamil-like languages and dialects spoken in southern karNAtaka (including my own Hebbar Tamil - ), it is pronounced aashai.

    I don't know whose fault it is that that most brAhmaNa-s in Tamil Nadu can not read the grantha script of their ancestors or even pronounce the varNa-s correctly anyomre, but your presumption of knowledge of "correct pronunciation" merits serious doubt.

  9. There is a complete difference between pronouncing ஆஷை and ஆசை in Tamil.

    I am not here to find the root of the word ஆசை and i am not talking about Grantam or Sanskrit here..

    When someone singing a tamil song sing it needs to be sung with proper pronunciation and nothing more.

    I am sure bharathiya wouldn't have pronounced ஆசை as ஆஷை.


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